Obama Blogger: McCain an “Old Man” who Should Die

Says McCain should “pay a deserved visit to the undertaker.”

Remember, this Web site (my.barackobama.com) is under the editorial control of the Obama campaign, and it has welcomed terminology like “Zionist Thought Police” as well as a page from the New Black Panther Party. These were removed only after they became Internet-wide scandals.

Old McCain the Dinasaur Misbehaving.

By Ejike from Canton, GA – Feb 20th, 2008 at 4:41 pm EST

It is very amusing to see the Bomber Mccain mouthing Barack on issues that do not have any relationship to addressing the mountain of issues created for the American people by his party, the Republican party. The last time I checked, the Republican party, with an incompetent Republican president, is still in the White House.

This is a glimpse to the type of “HOPELESS” campaign the bomber is going to engage henceforth since he has admitted he does not know anything about the economy or the issues faced by the American people (mortgage, cost of education, healthcare, jobs and so on).

America should put a scare-crow hat on McCain for he is indeed a “SCARE-CROW” McCain should not disturb us with his so-called service because a lot of our patriots paid the ultimate price and they are not here to claim all the glory McCain is now claiming. McCain should be lucky he is alive. Moreover, he has not told us what exactly he told the Viet Con when he was under their care.

It is unbecoming of an old man who is a part of the problem America has today to tell us not to hope. What a deaf man? If Mccain has given up on hope and life, the rest of America has not. He should pay a deserved visit to the undertaker. So, someone should please remind McCain there is a place called a zoo where the likes of him should take abode while the rest of America moves on.

McCain/Dinosaur screen capture


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