Field Negroes for Obama (and “Negroes” is not the word they use)

Obama Blogger uses Racist Language for Blacks who won’t vote for Obama

Perspective on why it is time for Barack Obama (from Barack Obama’s official campaign site) seems to denounce Black Clinton supporters as “House Negroes,” and “Negroes” is not the word the blogger uses.

There is an excellent parody of a dual viewpoint of the perspective of descendents of Africans, on another group blog. it is of supposed  black slaves, speaking in the language (Pidgin as it may be) of the antebellum period and further – unfortunately. to sum it up for those of you not on that group list, it tells of a Field  Nigger grateful for Obama’s leading people out of bondage. And the other ‘voice’ was that of a House Nigger, who didn’t want to leave the friendly confines of the Big House for some unknown place. Granted, some will see it as a mockery. But those with wider scope will indeed see it as a commentary on the fear of the supposed unknown that some say we may be heading into if we choose Barack Obama as our next president. Some people do not even like the fact that he is running! Something I find incredulous.

The percentages show that some negro people (and I use the reference in the anthropological designation) in this country would rather return to ’90’s politics. I must say that even though those times were, in various degrees-good. We cannot, in fact it isn’t possible to emulate a past social order with the present day economic, social and political environment. It IS time to move on. It IS time for a new voice, a new direction. It Is time for someone to bring vision, hope and a unified exuberance to OUR country.
It IS time for Barack Obama.


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