Obama Blogger Calls Black Clinton Supporters “House Slaves”

Note the blogger’s use of low-class “Black English” to denigrate Black Democrats who support Clinton. This site is under Barack Obama’s editorial control, and a posting like this is entirely consistent with his own Black identity politics or even Black Nationalist politics; the African-American counterpart of the Stormfront White Nationalist Community.

Hillary vs Obama: The Slavery Perspective
By ShaeSmith – Feb 14th, 2008 at 8:22 am EST
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Field Slave/Obama Supporter:
“I seen a way to freedom and power. C’mon go with me. I figured out a way to the promise land – that place Martin and Malcolm spoke of. There’s hope and possibilities out there for us. There some white folks I know say they gon help us get there. The time is now – right now. Come On…”

House Slave/Clinton Supporter:
Massa Clinton been good to us. Git on ‘way from here Obama. You gon cause problem fo us all!! Didn’t Massa Clinton give you food and shelter all these years. Where you gon take us? You never been nowhere but right here on dis plantation wit us. This here fine living. We don’t know where you trying to go. They gon kill you. Then how us gon survive? Aint no white folks gon hep you. Get on way from here Obama. Gon now…git”

Clinton supporters as house slaves


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