Obama Blogger Says Terrorism is Justified

“A different relationhip with Israel: key to Middle East peace” was posted at my.barackobama.com–Barack Obama’s official campaign Web site–on February 16, 2007. This is more than a year ago, and there is no way Obama can claim that Tony Wicher is a Clinton or Republican operative who snuck distasteful material onto his Web site to make him look bad.

Mr. Wicher’s anti-Israel material is, in contrast, entirely consistent with Jeremiah Wright’s “state” of Israel (as in “So-called state of Israel”) commentary, along with his publication of a blood libel that accused Israel of developing an “ethnic bomb” to kill Negroes and Arabs. The official newsletter of Barack Obama’s church also served as a platform for a Hamas terrorist’s opinion piece. In addition, Michael Lerner of Tikkun.org proclaimed Obama a fellow “spiritual progressive.” How much more evidence do we need to reach the obvious conclusion about Barack Obama?

“A different relationhip with Israel: key to Middle East peace”

    The current treatment of the Palestinians is worse than South African apartheid ever was – it combines the worst features of apartheid and military occupation. The purpose of it is simply to drive the Palestinians out. There has never been any serious intention of allowing a Palestinian state. Israel is the product of a 19th century ideology, Zionism, that combines good old-fashioned colonialism with good old-fashioned segregationism. In the time of Theodore Herzl this was considered normal, but times have changed. Israel will not be able to complete the colonial project. It will have to make an accomodation with the Palestinians. But a Palestinian state is not the way. The “Green line”, the 1967 line, etc. must be regarded as temporary armistice lines. They cannot be the basis for a permanent political settlement. The only way to settle this conflict is reunification, not partition. Israelis and Palestinians must agree to live together as equal citizens in a democratic state – whether they like it or not. There is no real alternative, other than endless war.
    The treatment of the Palestinians by Israelis is the number one cause and justification for terrorism. As long as it goes on the terrorists can justly claim moral equivalence. As long as the United States continues with its current unqualified support of Israel and Israeli apartheid, it makes itself the object of terrorism as well. This must stop. Only the United States can make Israel do the right thing. The next U.S. administration must understand that this is the key to Middle East peace and to defeating terrorism.

Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself. We encourage our readers to COPY (don’t link, it uses this site’s bandwidth) and circulate this image.

Wicher/ Apartheid

Mr. Wicher’s profile shows that he is not some fly-by-night operator who posted a hit-and-run piece to harm Obama. He is a regular and active participant and contributor.

Wicher profile


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