Obama Campaign Site: U.S. Israel Alliance is a “Marriage Made in Hell”

Gaza is “virtually a concentration camp” under Israeli occupation, Israel is an “apartheid state,” United States seeking “world hegemony”

“A Middle East Peace Initiative for President Obama” by Tony Wicher, a major contributor to my.Barackobama.com, has this to say about Israel. Before we begin, however, we must point out very clearly that Mr. Wicher is not someone who just showed up at Barack Obama’s official Web site to post controversial material, possibly to discredit Obama. His first post appeared on February 10, 2007 (more than a year ago) so he must be considered a regular and avid contributor to the site, which is under Barack Obama’s editorial control. The following was clearly not a hit and run posting, because it has been there since September 7 2007 (more than half a year). Noting that Obama’s own pastor writes “state” of Israel, as in “so-called state of Israel,” it is obvious where these people are coming from. Note also his conclusion, which calls for the elimination of Israel through a “one state [final] solution” [to the Jewish problem]. Update: This page suggests that Barack Obama’s moderators are aware of Mr. Wicher’s material. (“ I hope the admin of the group is just not paying attention and not actually supporting the anti Israel bile being spounted by Tony “Israel is Apartheid” Wicher. “)

What was once known to the world as the cradle of freedom and democracy, the United States, the hope of the world, is now known as the world’s greatest hypocrite as it attempts to carry out a program of world hegemony, and does so in the name of “freedom and democracy”. We are at the lowest point in our history in the world’s esteem. We should all hang our heads in shame at what this country has come to. To restore our country’s honor and self-esteem, and reaffirm the fundamental American values from which we have strayed so far, the next president will need a peace initiative that is really something new and different, a new policy of REALLY spreading peace and democracy through peaceful and democratic means, not promoting U.S. hegemony through military conquest and threats, while CALLING it “spreading peace and democracy”. I hope you will join with me in helping to create such a peace initiative within the Obama campaign.


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