NJDC Called Upon to Join ZOA’s Call for Obama to Quit Racist Church

cc: National Jewish Democratic Council, Zionist Organization of America, Barack Obama, Republican Jewish Coalition

The Zionist Organization of America has “called upon Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) to quit his racist, anti-American, anti-Israel church and repudiate his pastor, Jeremiah Wright.” Noting that the National Jewish Democratic Council condemned Mitt Romney for appearing at the museum of a long-dead EX-antisemite, we are confident that NJDC will support ZOA’s request.

    NJDC’s “Location of Presidential Announcement Suggests Romney Needs American and Jewish Histories 101” quotes NJDC Executive Director Ira Forman as follows:
    “NJDC is deeply troubled by Governor Romney’s choice of locations to announce his Presidential campaign. Romney has been traveling the country talking about inclusiveness and understanding of people from all walks of life. Yet he chooses to kick his presidential campaign on the former estate of a well-known and outspoken anti-Semite and xenophobe. Mitt Romney’s embrace of Henry Ford and association of Ford’s legacy with his presidential campaign raises serious questions about either the sincerity of Romney’s words or his understanding of basic American history,” said NJDC Executive Director Ira Forman.

Henry Ford retracted and repudiated The International Jew, but Jeremiah Wright has never retracted, repudiated, or apologized for his own hate speech, his publication of a manifesto from a genuine Hamas terrorist, or his placement of quote marks around “state” of Israel, as if to say “so-called State of Israel.” It is therefore reasonable to expect the National Jewish Democratic Council to join ZOA and ourselves in calling for Barack Obama’s resignation from this church.

ZOA continues

    The ZOA has issued this call following disturbing revelations across the national media regarding Pastor Wright and his Trinity United Church of Christ. Wright has delivered sermons and speeches saying we should ask that G-d Damn America, blamed America for intentionally creating the drug problem, for killing innocent people, for supporting Israeli “state terrorism against Palestinians,” for being responsible for causing 9-11, for being white supremacists and racists, for supporting Israel shamelessly, for creating the AIDS virus, for intentionally keeping people in poverty; and also urged businesses and universities to divest from Israel. Rev. Wright met with terrorist leader Quaddafi of Libya on a trip with racist Louis Farrakhan that was illegal under US law. Also, his Church honored Nation of Islam black supremacist and outspoken anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, who has said that “Judaism is a gutter religion,” that “Hitler was a very great man” and that “white people are potential humans, they haven’t evolved yet.” Nevertheless, the Trinity United Church and Wright’s successor as pastor, Rev. Otis Moss III, have issued a statement defending and praising Wright, while completely ignoring Wright’s horrific statements.
    …ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “We are shocked and angered by the racist and vicious and hateful sermons by Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. We are worried about what influence Wright’s anti-US, anti-Israel, racist hate speech has had on Obama. Obama has attended Wright’s church for 20 years. He refers to Rev. Wright as his spiritual mentor and advisor, moral compass, and sounding board. Rev. Wright presided over Obama’s marriage and baptized his two children. Despite these speeches, Obama said, ‘Michelle and I look forward to continuing a relationship with a church that has done so much good.’

Even ZOA’s impressive collection of material does not, however, reveal the full depth of the problem with the Trinity United Church of Christ. Note that the following pages are hosted at tucc.org, and therefore cannot be forgeries or photomanipulations.


      Open Letter to Oprah from Ali Baghdadi on Her Visit to Palestine
    …I am so glad that you will be visiting my country, Palestine. I wish I could be there to greet you. Certainly, despite the genocide and ethnic cleansing they face every hour of the day, my people will be there. They will be happy to see you and will receive you with open arms.
    You must know that Zionist Jews from all over the world, particularly Europe, came to my Palestine, not as guests, but as settlers and occupiers in the early part of the 20th century. The natives were referred to as “snakes” from which the land must be cleansed. In 1948 they occupied 72% of my land and emptied out over 500 Arab (Christian and Muslim) towns and villages. In 1967 they occupied the remaining 28%.
    …I must tell you that Israel was the closest ally to the White Supremacists of South Africa. In fact, South Africa allowed Israel to test its nuclear weapons in the ocean off South Africa. The Israelis were given a blank check: they could test whenever they desired and did not even have to ask permission. Both worked on an ethnic bomb that kills Blacks and Arabs.
    …Ali Baghdadi, an Arab-American activist, writer, columnist; worked with several African-American groups on civil and human rights issues since the mid sixties; acted as a Middle East advisor to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the founder of the Nation of Islam, as well as Minister Louis Farrakhan; visited more than 80 countries throughout the world and met with many of their leaders, including Mandela, Castro, Saddam Hussein, Hafez Assad, Qathafi, Abdallah ibn Abdel-Aziz, Rafsanjani, Ayatollah Khamenei, among many others.

TUCC and “ethnic bomb” accusation

This blood libel of Israel is entirely consistent with Jeremiah Wright’s blood libel of the United States as described at http://www.newsmax.com/kessler/obama_minister_wright/2008/03/06/78440.html:
““Fact No. 8: We [the United States] started the AIDS virus, and now that it is out of control, we still put more money in the military than in medicine…” (We use “blood libel” in the broad sense of false allegations of murder, genocide, or conspiracies to commit same, with the intent to defame a religion, ethnicity, or country. As an example, pro-Palestinian sources have falsely accused Israel of “murdering” International Solidarity Movement activist Rachel Corrie, unarmed Palestinian children, and so on.)

      From the Los Angeles Times
      Hamas’ stand
      An official of the movement describes its goals for all of Palestine.
      By Mousa Abu Marzook [Hamas leader and Specially Designated Terrorist]
    July 10, 2007…MOUSA ABU MARZOOK is the deputy of the political bureau of Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement.
    Sunday, July 22, 2007 11 © Sermons copyrighted by Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr

TUCC and Hamas

    Islam has as many manifestations as Christianity and Judaism, but most Americans are only fed a media diet on Islam as it relates to the “war on terror” and the Palestinian muslim problem in the “state” of Israel.Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A Wright, Jr
    Senior Pastor

Obama’s church and “Israel”

In addition, the United Church of Christ is associated with the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, whose official publications refer to the creation of Israel as the “nakba” or “catastrophe.” As stated by the Anti-Defamation League (http://www.adl.org/PresRele/ChJew_31/4848_31.htm)

    ADL Troubled by United Church of Christ’s Embrace of Radicalized Palestinian Christian GroupNew York, NY, January 10, 2006 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is troubled by the United Church of Christ’s continuing partnership with the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, a radicalized Palestinian Christian group whose leaders have openly questioned Israel’s right to exist.

The following (http://www.sabeel.org/old/news/newslt19/sabeel.htm) is but one example of Sabeel material that refers to the establishment of Israel as a “catastrophe.”

    This document is the fruit of several months of discernment, prayer and preparation. We released it on May15 th because of the symbolic significance of that date. It was on May 15 , 1948 that the state of Israel was established, and the Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) is remembered.Canon Naim Ateek
      Sabeel Center, Jerusalem

We have therefore established that Barack Obama’s church, in addition to what ZOA listed:
(1) Provided a platform for an organization that is in the explicit business of murdering Westerners, and especially Israeli Jews
(2) Posted an accusation that Israel developed an “ethnic bomb” to kill Black people and Arabs: a blood libel of Israel that is consistent with Wright’s blood libel of the United States (accusing the United States of starting the AIDS virus).*
(3) Referred to the “state” of Israel, which is characteristic of people and organizations that do not recognize Israel’s right to exist
(4) Is associated with the Sabeel Ecuminical Liberation Theology Center, which refers to the establishment of Israel as a “catastrophe.”

It is therefore inconceivable that the National Jewish Democratic Council, especially in light of its ongoing publications that support Israel’s right to exist, can possibly lend its support to Barack Obama should he become the Democratic nominee unless he resigns from the Trinity United Church of Christ and disassociates himself from his hate-spewing pastor as the ZOA has requested.


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6 Responses to “NJDC Called Upon to Join ZOA’s Call for Obama to Quit Racist Church”

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  2. yonason Says:


    Doing so would make his lifetime of bias and useless (possibly even corrupt) public service OK with them?

    What a waste. Even if he did walk away now, would you vote for him knowing he would probably walk right back when the election was over.

    It’s a done deal. Looking for some superficial sign from him is like believing in an Arab “peace” treaty. WAKE UP!


  3. wordforit Says:

    Wow! Great post and blog with good info gathering!

    Just sickening. . .why aren’t Wright’s activities considered treasonous? Freedom of speech and all but this is over-the-top and I am reading so many hints of riots, etc.

    Thanks for your efforts and May God Help Us!

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