Obama’s Church Bulletin Gives Platform to Terrorists

This is an excerpt from the official bulletin of the Trinity United Church of Christ, the church to which Barack Hussein Obama has belonged for the past 20 years. The pastor in question is Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright. We recommend that our readers download this bulletin before Obama or TUCC “disappears” it the way Obama “disappeared” Wright’s testomonial and the New Black Panther Party from his Web site. We remind our readers that Hamas is a terrorist organization as defined by the U.S. State Department.




From the Los Angeles Times

Hamas’ stand

An official of the movement describes its goals for all of Palestine.

By Mousa Abu Marzook

July 10, 2007

DAMASCUS, SYRIA – HAMAS’ RESCUE of a BBC journalist from his captors in Gaza last week was surely cause for rejoicing. But I want to be clear about one thing: We did not deliver up Alan Johnston as some obsequious boon to Western powers.

It was done as part of our effort to secure Gaza from the lawlessness of militias and violence, no matter what the source. Gaza will be calm and under the rule of law – a place where all journalists, foreigners and guests of the Palestinian people will be treated with dignity. Hamas has never supported attacks on Westerners, as even our harshest critics will concede; our struggle has always been focused on the occupier and our legal resistance to it – a right of occupied people that is explicitly supported by the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Why should any Palestinian “recognize” the monstrous crime carried out by Israel’s founders and continued by its deformed modern apartheid state, while he or she lives 10 to a room in a cinderblock, tin-roof United Nations hut? These are not abstract questions, and it is not rejectionist simply because we have refused to abandon the victims of 1948 and their descendants.

Note that the United Church of Christ’s friends in the Sabeel Ecuminical Liberation Theology Center also refer to the creation of Israel as “al nakba,” “the catastrophe.” TUCC is part of the UCC, and its decision to welcome this opinion piece from an actual terrorist organization (Hamas) is entirely consistent with the concept of Israel’s existence as a “catastrophe.”

The Hamas spokesman continues,

…I, for one, do not trouble myself over “recognizing” Israel’s right to exist – this is not, after all, an epistemological problem; Israel does exist, as any Rafah boy in a hospital bed, with IDF shrapnel in his torso, can tell you. This dance of mutual rejection is a mere distraction when so many are dying or have lived as prisoners for two generations in refugee camps. As I write these words, Israeli forays into Gaza have killed another 15 people, including a child. Who but a Jacobin dares to discuss the “rights” of nations in the face of such relentless state violence against an occupied population?

I look forward to the day when Israel can say to me, and millions of other Palestinians: “Here, here is your family’s house by the sea, here are your lemon trees, the olive grove your father tended: Come home and be whole again.” Then we can speak of a future together.

MOUSA ABU MARZOOK is the deputy of the political bureau of Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement.

Sunday, July 22, 2007 11 © Sermons copyrighted by Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr


TUCC and Hamas

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