National Jewish Democratic Council’s Response to Debate Challenge

Last week, we challenged the National Jewish Democratic Council to “out and shame us” regarding our assertion, by which we stand, that Barack Obama surrounds himself with anti-Semites (along with racists and Catholic haters).

While we have yet to receive any reply by E-mail, we did get an audio message. While the speaker did not identify himself, we are pretty sure it was the NJDC. Click here to hear the message (.wav file, 52Kb)

Most of us learned in grade school playgrounds, perhaps the hard way, that it is a very bad idea to wave one’s fist in the air unless one is prepared to use it. NJDC is obviously not prepared to back up this statement:

  “It is time all of us— organizations and individuals— take the responsibility for outing and yes, even shaming, the purveyors of sinat chinam [baseless hatred] in our community — to protect our values and to protect our community’s genuine political interests.”

because, when challenged to do exactly that, it crawled back into its hole and pulled the hole in after it. We, on the other hand, are quite serious when we say the following to the NJDC,, and Barack Obama:


 “Holen Sie es an!” (“Bring it on!”)

Before NJDC or the Antisemitism enabling and Denial League condemn us for using a German folk figure, we remind them that, had the Schlieffen Plan worked (or had someone taken out Gavrilo Princip before he fired those two shots in Sarajevo):

(1) 110,000 Americans would not have died in France’s war (actually Serbia’s war, noting its role in the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand). Also, millions of French and Germans would have been spared the horrors of trench warfare.

(2) Adolf Hitler would have lived a long, happy, and productive life as a second-rate artist, and six million European Jews (as well as three million Polish Gentiles plus assorted Gypsies and Slavs) might have lived to enjoy his paintings.

(3) The Soviet Union and its associated evils would never have existed.



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