Barack Obama = Benny Hinn Obama

…and the initials even match! BHO = Barack Hussein Obama = Benny Hinn Obama!

It seems that a lot of Obama supporters, especially women, faint as if they are in some kind of spiritual ecstasy. This kind of performance is typical at televangelist meetings, and one might suspect that the televangelists’ congregants have been coached to faint or roll on the ground in religious ecstasy. If this is what is going on at Obama rallies, it shows just how dangerous this Soros-supported individual is. The Evangelical Outpost asks, “What is it about Barack Obama that causes women to faint?”

Obama rally (or should we say “Benny Hinn Obama?”)

We don’t know for sure, but we think that Benny Hinn’s congregants are coached to fall over on cue.

Benny Hinn (1)

Benny Hinn (2)


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