NJDC = National Judenrat Democratic Capos (Kapos)

National Jewish Democratic Council whitewashes hate speech and anti-Semites for political gain

A kapo was a concentration camp trustee while Judenrats, as described by Wikipedia, “were generally composed of leaders of the Jewish community… They were forced by the Nazis to provide Jews for use as slave labor, and to assist in the deportation of Jews to extermination camps during the Holocaust. Those who refused to follow Nazi orders or were unable to cooperate fully were frequently rounded up and shot or deported to the extermination camps themselves.” Kapos and Judenrats therefore had the excuse that they had guns to their heads (literally), and that they would be killed if they did not tell other Jews that the cattle cars went to pleasant country resorts instead of extermination facilities. In contrast, no one is coercing the National Jewish Democratic Council into imitating Judenrats and kapos by whitewashing and sanitizing anti-Semites and other bigots for political gain.

There is nothing Jewish, at least in terms of values about common decency, about the National “Jewish” Democratic Council. NJDC consists of a few leaders and bloggers with Jewish names whose function is to convince Jewish voters that Barack Obama does not consort openly with anti-Semites and racists, that MoveOn.org does not promote hatred of Jews, Israel, and Catholics, and that the Jews for Jesus will turn us all into Gentiles if we don’t vote for whatever the Democrats happen to be running for President.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and the National Jewish Democratic Council rightly condemned an anti-Semitic flier that promotes Congressional candidate Nikki Tinker.

According to a report in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, [Nikki] Tinker “declined to answer” questions about the flier, which was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League. The flier reportedly states that “Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen and the JEWS HATE Jesus. So Memphis Christians must united and support ONE Black Christian to represent Memphis in the United States Congress in 2008.” [Memphis Commercial Appeal, 2/13/08 and 2/11/08]

The fact that Ms. Tinker did not condemn the flier in the strongest terms sputs her squarely behind the anti-Semitic “Jews as Christian haters” slur that has been used to incite actual pogroms. UPDATE 2/24/08: Another news source says that Tinker distanced herself from this flier in the strongest terms. We are updating our blog entries accordingly. We notified NJDC of this, which has yet to do so. However, just as Al Sharpton is the last person in the world with any right to condemn hate symbols like nooses and burning crosses–not that these things don’t deserve condemnation, but rather because Sharpton has engaged in equally reprehensible behavior himself–NJDC is the last organization on earth with any right to complain about a flier that says Jews hate Jesus. If the individual who produced this anti-Semitic leaflet wanted to defend this reprehensible campaign flier, all he would need to do is cite NJDC’s own Web site. Anyone who looks at NJDC’s “Bubbie versus Christians, Ministers, Jesus, and Crosses,” also known as “Bubbie versus the GOP,” might conclude that NJDC itself is promoting anti-Christian hatred.

Another way of putting it is that, if someone went to the NJDC, they might conclude that “Jews” hate Christians and Jesus. If they went to the Ku Klux Klan, they might easily conclude that “white people” hate Negroes. If they went to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, they might conclude that “Negroes” hate Jews and white people in general. If they went to Barack Obama’s church, they might conclude that “Negroes” hate “white America.” Hate groups, of course, represent only a fringe element of the societies they claim to represent, and more specifically the absolute dregs of that society. We assure our Christian readers that NJDC is no more representative of genuine Jews than the Ku Klux Klan represents anything but the worst elements of Caucasian society.

NJDC Flag with cross
If someone put a Star of David where that cross is–and many anti-Semitic hate cartoons do exactly that–most of us would agree that the picture is anti-Semitic. Under this impartial standard, then, this is an anti-Christian hate picture that has nothing to do with Bubbie fighting the GOP.

NJDC Jews for Jesus
Vote for John Kerry, or the J for Js will turn us all into Gentiles!

NJDC Cross
Suppose someone drew a red-robed cabal behind a Star of David, and there is no doubt that such a picture would fit right in with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Does anyone wish to contend seriously that such a picture would not be anti-Semitic? We hope that decent Christians would condemn and denounce such an image as totally unfit for civilized political discourse, and decent Jews must similarly denounce the NJDC’s anti-Christian hate material.

NJDC Rapture
This image from the NJDC depicts Jesus himself in a “This is the Enemy” context, thus providing an excuse for Nikki Tinker and her backers to say that Jews hate Jesus. Bubbie versus the GOP is far from the only instance of anti-Christian hate speech or defamation by the National Judenrat Democratic Capos (Kapos), as shown by its smear of a Christian computer game.

Pentagon Came Close to Distributing “Convert or Kill” Video Game Promoting Murder of Non-Christians to American Troops by Rebecca Murow says,

Believe it or not, the Pentagon came close last week to sending out a video game that rewards gamers “for how effectively they role play the killing of those who resist becoming a born again Christian.”

You know the one, last winter’s “Left Behind: Eternal Forces.” The one that endorses a theology that believes Jews and other non-Christians must convert or be killed. The one in which the “good guys” are a Christian coalition fighting against the “bad guys” (a UN-like peace-keeping group). The game condemned by the ADL, the Christian Alliance for Progress, and others. The one you would probably not want your children to play.

We downloaded the demo version of the game and the statement “rewards gamers for how effectively they role play the killing of those who resist becoming a born again Christian” is, like most of what the National Judenrat Democratic Capos say, an outright lie. While the Christians can train soldiers to protect them from the forces of evil, their primary goal is to turn Evil units neutral with Christian music, and then have missionaries convert the neutral units to the side of Good. (Evil rock musicians meanwhile try to turn Good units neutral so they can be brought over to the Evil side by Evil recruiters.) Good units replenish their Spirit Points by praying, and Evil units can resist the influence of the Christian music by swearing. In any event, NJDC’s statement about “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” is simply not true–like most of what NJDC says.

Real Jews recognize Christian values as similar if not identical to Jewish values, even though our theology may differ from Christian theology. Only NJDC seems to hate Jesus and Christians in general, or is at least willing to promote sinat chinam (baseless hatred) of Christians and Christian symbols to get gullible Jews to vote for its candidates. NJDC is nothing more than a political pimp that tries to sell the name of Judaism for pure political gain the way a real pimp sells a woman’s body on the streets, and this brings us to our next topic.

Exeter: Scorn and defiance, slight regard, contempt
And any thing that may not misbecome
The mighty sender, doth he prize you at.
King Henry V

Several days ago, NJDC leader Ira Forman wrote, “It is time all of us— organizations and individuals— take the responsibility for outing and yes, even shaming, the purveyors of sinat chinam [baseless hatred] in our community — to protect our values and to protect our community’s genuine political interests.” We stepped up immediately and said openly that we are among the leaders of efforts to expose Barack Obama for cavorting openly with anti-Semites, Israel-haters, and racists in the bargain. We challenged NJDC to “out and yes, even shame us” in a point/counterpart debate in the New York Jewish Week and the Jerusalem Post, noting that Forman’s piece appeared in the former while citing the latter. We have yet to receive any reply either through our E-mail or at NJDC’s blog, which reinforces our long-held perception of NJDC. It may nip at an opponent’s heel like a snake or a rat but, when anyone confronts or challenges it on open ground, it scurries back under its rock or into its hole. We will conclude from this behavior that NJDC is the weaker power in this controversy, it can and should be attacked at will, and it will have to take whatever we choose to throw at it. As Election Day draws closer, we will use NJDC’s own statements to prove that the Democratic nominee is unfit to be President, and we will encourage the McCain or Huckabee campaign to use this material as well.

Our readers may ask why we dislike the NJDC. We can have an honest and open disagreement with someone we respect, but we have nothing but utter contempt for self-serving liars with double standards: one set for their side and another for ours, as shown by some of the things NJDC has said about John McCain and especially Mitt Romney. Our initial interaction with this organization was in 2006, when NJDC, like a Judenrat or kapo, used its nominally Jewish identity to whitewash vicious anti-Semitic (and other) hate speech at MoveOn.org’s now-disgraced Action Forum. It was clear that NJDC cared more about running interference for a left-wing Democratic organization, one that says it “bought” the Democratic Party, than even passively allowing vicious bigots and their enablers to suffer the political consequences of their actions. Ira Forman was personally responsible for this whitewash:

Jewish voters should take comfort in knowing that MoveOn.org is not a haven for anti-Semitism and the organization will renounce and remove any postings of the sort. Leave it to Republicans to not allow the truth to get in the way of campaigning. Sincerely, Ira Forman Executive Director National Jewish Democratic Council

NJDC stuck with this story even after being given proof that NJDC did not even remove more than a couple of token pieces of hate speech, such as the notorious “Jew Lieberman done, Corporate Clinton is next” posting. Remarks like the following were accessible at MoveOn’s now-disgraced Action Forum for weeks after Eli Pariser and Ira Forman assured us that they had been removed. They remained online, in fact, until the publicity that some of our friends generated with us forced MoveOn to take down the Action Forum for good.

Here is some of what the National Judenrat Democratic Council whitewashed and sanitized. The votes, incidentally, reflect the number of MoveOn.org Action Forum members who agreed and disagreed with the statement. All except the anti-Catholic example were harvested from the Action Forum more than two weeks after Forman and Pariser assured the public that this sort of thing was being removed. Also remember that Barack Obama solicited and has accepted this organization’s endorsement.

Israel has 8,000 Palestinian prisoners, Hezbollah and Hamas has 3 Israeli prisoners.
Israel is killing civilians and their children with our missiles and has never stopped stealing Palestinian land, farms, and precious aquifers.
Removing all Israeli obsessed Jews from congress would stop a lot of killing.
12 of 14 voted to AGREE with removing all Israel-obsessed Jews from Congress.

The Jews have 9,000 prisoners the Arabs have 3.
It’s the Jews that are trying to push the Arabs into the sea by occupying and annexing their land, bulldozing refugee camps and orchards.
The Jews are killing the Arabs on a ratio of 10 to 1.
The Palestinians live in a prison, no way in or out without passing through an abusive Jewish guard gate.
The Jews demand that the Pals. disarm prior to any negotiating of what if anything they’ll get back. That is called begging not negotiating.
Nearly 3/4 of the entire Jewish population was exterminated. If you can’t tell us why, We are stuck with logic and commonsense.
I’m saying Jews instead of Israelis because I read the Israeli newspapers, the “Israeli Lobby” papers and have seen the House vote 410-8 in support Israel while the UN typically votes 191-4 against Israel. Also the billions in aid and military equipment are conspicuous. The world court unanimously voted against Israel.
By blaming Hitler you don’t have to face the truth.
I will stop condemning Jews when they become acclimated with all people.

Stop professing to know and start reading.
9 of 12 voted to AGREE that Jews did “something” to deserve the Holocaust.

We can all see how AIPAC/Israel has taken control of America. Not to get nasty but jews have a long history of subverting governments for their own enrichment and glory to the detriment of whole societies. Many more than “6 million” have died by semetic aggression, 100’s of millions even, remember the conqueror writes history. Even the roman empire feared jewish power. Over and over again, whites, particularly semites have distorted truth through their supremacist, zenophobic minds. Ariel Sharon Oct of 2001 per Kol Israel, “… Don’t worry about america, we control america and the americans know it.” There is a mental pathology gripping my tribe, as the native americans say, “white man have forked tongue”, we must become enlightened, or we will be destroyed.
13 of 16 voted to AGREE that “Jews have a long history of subverting governments for their own enrichment and glory to the detriment of whole societies”

Did Anyone Watch the AlteraVista tape Showing A Missle Hole Not An Airplane Shape into the Pentagon? And many other things from video and reporters as 9/11 was happening that it isn’t what it looks like.
One thing is true that we Do know: American Citizens died as pawns. Let’s get to the truth, however painful it is going to be to discover. Our nation’s future depends on it.
9 of 11 voted to AGREE with this 9/11 Denial (9/11 Denial is like Holocaust denial, except it whitewashes, denies, or explains away four missing airplanes and two missing skyscrapers instead of six million missing Jews and three million missing Polish Catholics.)

Another neo-con appeared today on C-Span to defend Bush and his spying program! I am Jewish and proud of it (despite everything) but I am sick of seeing those neo-cons posing as average joes on national television to defend Bush and his lies. Since they don’t have the decency or honesty to identify themselves by saying: “But you know, I am a Zionist and may be biased” and since most Americans can’t tell the difference and don’t have the courage to ask, maybe they should be forced to wear an Israeli flag on the lapel of their jackets. [How about a yellow Star of David?] Isn’t it time to tell the American people the truth, i.e. that Jews control all the media.
8 of 8 AGREE that the Jews control all the media

Racism is unacceptable, and Zionism is racism.
13 of 16 voted to AGREE with that Zionism is racism.

Thanks Harry, for telling it like it is. Rice and Powell ARE “house slaves”. And the “Republicans ARE like the Jews who worked for Hitler”. And Shrub IS “a tyrant and a terrorist”. Harry, we need people like you in Congress.
12 of 15 voted to AGREE with this racist slur

But until the priests are hounded down and arrested like the baby rapers they are, the neverending cycle will continue. You want to throw a monkey wrench in both political parties? Call for the arrest and immediate incarceration of the Catholic Pedophiles of America.
8 out of 9 voted to AGREE with this

Obama and MoveOn

The anti-Catholic hate may have been encouraged by MoveOn.org’s official photomanipulation of Pope Benedict waving a gavel in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, while an offical MoveOn.org bulletin blamed Israel for renewed Palestinian violence while citing the Electronic Intifada as a reference.

MoveOn.org derogatory cartoon of Pope Benedict

Now let us return to the noises that NJDC allowed itself to make about sinat chinam, or baseless hatred.

For an example of how sinat chinam is beginning to inject itself into our community’s discourse, one need only look at the recent smears against Senator Obama aimed at Jewish voters. What started as fallacious emails claiming the senator is Muslim, was sworn in on the Koran, and cavorts with anti-Semites, etc., has now made its way into semi-respectable websites and even onto the op-ed page of the Jerusalem Post.

We have never said that Obama is a Muslim, and we have in fact denounced this fallacious slur. First, it’s not true. Second, we find the use of “Muslim” (as opposed to Islamic supremacist) in the context of implying that someone is not fit to hold office repugnant. Keith Ellison, not Obama, took his oath of office on a Koran. As for cavorting with anti-Semites, though, the following picture speaks for itself. We are not surprised that NJDC, having blustered about outing and shaming us, crawled back into its hole and pulled the hole in after it when we called its bluff.

Obama and Sharpton

Senator Barack Obama (Ill): “Reverend Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.”

One of the things the National Action Network did to change America was, of course, to march around a Jewish-owned store while screaming racial and anti-Semitic epithets like “Bloodsucking Jews,” “Jew bastard,” “see that the cracker suffers,” “Don’t give the Jew a dime,” and, this one from Sharpton himself, “white interloper.” Come on, Mr. Forman, we are standing here openly and waiting for you and your organization to out and shame us for saying that Obama cavorts with anti-Semites. As shown above, Obama does indeed cavort with anti-Semites and racists, and Sharpton is not the only one. To Sharpton we add MoveOn.org (anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Catholic) whose support Obama solicited and accepted, and Jeremiah Wright (racist, anti-Israel, anti-American). As we stated earlier, King Henry V is among our favorite role models, and he had just the words for this situation.

Take a trumpet, herald;
Ride thou unto the horsemen on yon hill:
If they will fight with us, bid them come down,
Or void the field; they do offend our sight.
If they’ll do neither, we will come to them,
And make them skirr away, as swift as stones
Enforced from the old Assyrian slings.

We expect NJDC to stonewall on this as it has on everything else, but it should take the last part of this quote seriously. We mean to bring the battle to NJDC during the general election, and exploit NJDC as a weak point in the Democratic line through which a decisive breakthrough can be made. Noting that NJDC condemned Ron Paul, and rightly so, for passive acceptance of support from the Stormfront White Nationalist Community, Obama is damned even further for actually going to Sharpton and MoveOn.org. Noting that MoveOn.org condemned Mitt Romney for making a speech at the museum of long-dead EX-antisemite Henry Ford, what are we to say of Obama posing arm in arm with a live and unrepentant one?

We encourage Republicans to take careful note of all these things, and use them against NJDC and the Democratic nominee during the months that lead up to the general election.


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