Obama’s Superdelegate Hypocrisy

We received the following E-mail from Obama for America, and it simply underscores our belief that Obama is a phony, a hypocrite, and a liar who will do anything to become President–even lie to his own supporters.

As you’ve probably heard, there could be a wildcard in the race for the Democratic nomination.

We firmly believe that the candidate who has won the most pledged delegates — the result of having more voters in more places supporting your campaign — will be the Democratic nominee.

Except for Florida and Michigan Democrats, whose votes Barack Obama wants to discount because those states went for Hillary Clinton. Clinton, however, said that Michigan and Florida should count only after she won the meaningless (per the dictate of DNC leader Donna Brazile) primaries in those states.

But to be safe, we are working to attract the support of “superdelegates” — party officials and Democratic officeholders from across the country — who also have a vote at the Democratic National Convention.

You may already know some superdelegates — they include senators, governors, and even former presidents and vice presidents. But many others are ordinary people who hold positions in the state and local party operations.

These nearly 800 superdelegates will vote alongside the more than 3,000 pledged delegates who are chosen in the various state primaries and caucuses.

Except for those from Michigan and Florida, of course, and we do not hear Barack Obama or David Plouffe speaking up for these. 

The candidate that gets a majority of all delegates (superdelegates and pledged delegates combined) will be the Democratic nominee for president.

Right now, Barack is ahead in the contest for pledged delegates.

Which is why Obama does not want Florida and Michigan to count. 

We’ve won 23 contests out of the 35 that have been held so far — including the last 8 in a row. And with our decisive victories in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC on Tuesday, we now lead by more than 135 pledged delegates in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Count Michigan and Florida, though, and that changes.

While we intend to continue winning states and expanding our lead among the pledged delegates, and believe that will likely ensure that Barack is the Democratic nominee, we’re also doing the work of reaching out to superdelegates and making sure as many as possible support Barack Obama.

Here’s where you can play a key role.

Our work so far has taught us one important lesson: that your personal story about why you support Barack Obama is often the most powerful persuasion tool for someone who’s undecided. That’s true whether that undecided voter is your neighbor or a superdelegate.

The story of where you’re from, what brought you into the political process, the issues that matter to you, and why you became part of this movement has the potential to inspire someone who could cast a deciding vote in this contest.

Our staff will compile stories from supporters like you and make them a key part of the conversation with superdelegates as Barack asks for their support.

Share your story to help persuade superdelegates now:


If you don’t mind sharing your E-mail address with these people, fill out the form on this page and tell them why you won’t support someone who consorts openly with anti-Semites and racists such as Al Sharpton, supports live birth abortion, and is willing to disenfranchise Michigan and Florida while lying through his phony smile that he wants “the people’s” votes to count. 

Live Birth Abortion
(1000 by 300 pixel, suitable for reproduction at CafePress as a bumper sticker)

I’ve received a lot of email from folks asking how best to help with the superdelegate effort, and this is it.

Your note, combined with those of other Obama supporters, will tell the story of an extraordinary movement of ordinary people —

like billionaire financier George Soros, racist pastor Jeremiah Wright, and professional hate monger Al Sharpton (Google on Sharpton and “Freddy’s Fashion Mart” or “Yankel Rosenbaum” to know more).

a story with a common thread of hope

 McCain 2008

that becomes all the more powerful when it brings together the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our supporters.

Together we’re building something historic, and your story can help make someone else a part of it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America


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One Response to “Obama’s Superdelegate Hypocrisy”

  1. chiapet24 Says:

    As they stand now – Michigan and Florida should not count because they intentionally did not follow Democratic party rules. Obama WASN’T EVEN ON THE MICHIGAN BALLOT – all campaigns agreed not to campaign in those states since they were deemed null and void.

    Michigan and Florida are whining now because they messed up. They either need to use their taxpayers’ money to hold new primaries (all names included this time, folks!) or shut the hell up.

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