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Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Response to the State of the Union

January 30, 2008

And our response to Obama

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Response to the State of the Union
Washington, DC | January 28, 2008

Tonight, for the seventh long year, the American people heard a State of the Union that didn’t reflect the America we see, and didn’t address the challenges we face. But what it did do was give us an urgent reminder of why it’s so important to turn the page on the failed politics and policies of the past, and change the status quo in Washington so we can finally start making progress for ordinary Americans.

Tonight’s State of the Union was full of the same empty rhetoric the American people have come to expect from this President.

(1)  Obama, the phony smile on top of the empty suit who is probably reading lines fed to him by George Soros and/or the Daley machine, ought to know all about empty rhetoric.

(2) Obama is not running against George Bush. He is running against Romney, Huckabee, or McCain–assuming that he can get past Clinton. We have a lot more respect for Clinton, because people tend to respect a genuine villain over a pathetic loser and sycophant. If Hillary Clinton is a female version of Lord Voldemort, then Obama is Peter Pettigrew. If Hillary Clinton is a female version of Saruman, then Obama is Wormtongue. If Hillary Clinton is the White Witch of Narnia, then Obama is one of the trolls or goblins who runs her errands. More to the point, if George Soros is Bond villain Ernst Blofeld, then Obama is one of the less intelligent henchmen (e.g. Oddjob or Jaws) from the Bond films.

We heard President Bush say he’d do something to cut down on special interest earmarks, but we know these earmarks have skyrocketed under his administration.

Right, Obama, with your party in control of Congress. Did you vote against those earmarks, or were you missing Senate votes as usual?  (more…)

Florida and Michigan Democrats: Tell Donna Brazile to Take a Running Jump

January 30, 2008


Noting that the Democratic National Committee, as urged by Donna “Colin Powell is a Token” Brazile, stripped Florida and Michigan of any say in picking the Democratic nominee, while Floridian and Michigan voices count in the selection of the Republican, we encourage voters in those states to thank Donna Brazile appropriately by voting for the Republican Presidential candidate. We also encourage our readers in Florida and Michigan to make this point in letters to the editor.

DNC Strips Florida Of 2008 Delegates
No Convention Slots Unless Later Primary Is Set

By Michael D. Shear
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, August 26, 2007; A01

…The DNC’s rules and bylaws committee, which enforces party rules, voted yesterday morning to strip Florida of all its delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver — the harshest penalty at its disposal. …Donna Brazile, a member of the rules committee who argued for a swift and harsh punishment for Florida, said states’ desire to be more relevant in the nominating process does not excuse violations of rules intended to make the system fair for everyone.

If we lived in Florida, and this individual (we won’t use the B word out of deference to our dog, a wonderful and intelligent friend and companion) argued to “punish” us for scheduling our primary so it would actually count in the nominating process, we would punish her by voting for the other party’s candidate. Perhaps Donna Brazile thinks she is some kind of absolute monarch, and that she can do whatever she feels like doing to the peasantry. Florida and Michigan voters need to teach this two-bit dictator-wannabee that we do not have peasants or serfs in the United States, and that it is heap bad medicine, heap bad juju, to alienate states with as many electoral votes as Michigan and Florida.

Now let us remember a remark by Donna Brazile that underscores her personal character or lack thereof:

Gore campaign chief Donna Brazile suddenly appeared today on the networks’ morning shows, but faced mostly soft questioning. No one was rude enough to mention that she hasn’t been interviewed on network TV in seven months, since she implied in January that Gen. Colin Powell was a token: “Republicans bring out Powell because they have no program, no policy. They would rather take pictures with black children than feed them.”

Right: Donna Brazile, who is herself at least part African-American, denounces a successful African-American who worked his way from a very modest background to one of the nation’s highest levels of responsibility, as a token. Again, she and the DNC need to be taught a very harsh lesson this November, by having Florida’s and Michigan’s electoral votes go against the nominee in whose selection those states’ voters were not given a voice.

Club Cruz Exposes the Truth About Rachel Corrie

January 28, 2008

Did the International Solidarity Movement set up Rachel Corrie to be killed so it could make propaganda from her death? In any event, the ISM has been caught lying about the death of an American citizen, which is bad enough by itself.
Part 1

Clinton and Obama Campaigns Accuse Each Other of Voter Intimidation and Election Misconduct

January 26, 2008

Is this the kind of person whom you want with her/his hands on the United States 3000-plus nuclear weapons? The alleged behavior is suitable for a banana republic, Third World dictatorship, or Neo-Tsar Vladimir Putin’s Russia, not for the United States.

From and also

January 22, 2008

Jill Derby, Chair
Nevada State Democratic Party
1210 S. Valley View Road
Suite 114
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Dear Chair Derby:

On behalf of the Obama for America campaign, I am writing to request that the Nevada State Democratic Party conduct an inquiry into an apparent and disturbing pattern of incidents reported at precinct locations throughout the state during the January 19 Caucus.  

These reports suggest the possibility of activity conducted in violation of Party rules and the rights of voters—activity that, as the volume and distribution of those complaints indicate, may have been planned and coordinated with the willful intention to distort the process in the favor of one candidate, Senator Clinton.  A sheet of instructions provided by the Clinton campaign to its precinct works captures its program for the Caucus: “It’s not illegal unless they [the temporary precinct chairs] tell you so.”  (See attachment).  This certainly suggests that, for the Clinton campaign, the operative standard of conduct was, simply and only, what it could get away with.

On the day of the Caucus, we received by phone reports of misconduct, violations of the rules and irregularities, in the hundreds.  Since that time, well over a thousand more accounts have been sent to us.  Others have begun to emerge in other sources. (more…)

Obama: Hillary Clinton’s “increasingly desperate attacks and accusations”

January 25, 2008

For the record, for use in the November election. Democratic Senator Barack Obama says that Hillary Clinton is engaging in “increasingly desperate attacks and accusations” and that she has lied about her intentions not to attack fellow Democrats during the primaries. Please copy and circulate the following screen shot from for use against She Who Must Not Be Named in the November election.

Hillary Attacks

Days since Senator Clinton promised she was not interested in attacking Democrats:75

Days that Senator Clinton has spent attacking Democrats since making that promise:71

“I’m not interested in attacking my opponents, I’m interested in attacking the problems of America…”
Hillary Clinton, 11/10/07

As her lead in the polls shrinks, Senator Clinton’s flagging campaign grows more desperate each day. This web site will chronicle and rebut the increasingly desperate attacks and accusations being produced by the Clinton campaign.

Should Barack Obama campaign on Hillary Clinton’s behalf after he loses the primaries, we encourage Republicans to produce the above screen shot from his Web site and ask, “Were you lying then, or are you lying now?”

ADL Statement Suggests Obama Must Distance Himself from Sharpton

January 23, 2008

NJDC’S Guide to Responding to Obama, Clinton, and Edwards Smears aimed at Jewish Voters contains a statement from Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League. This statement leaves little doubt that Barack Obama must distance himself from the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton if he expects voters to take him for anything but a sick and demented practical joke on the American people.

ADL National Director Abraham Foxman released a statement saying: “We welcome Barack Obama’s condemnation of the anti-Semitic rhetoric of Minister Louis Farrakhan, and his making clear that he did not agree with his church’s decision to honor Farrakhan. Issues of racism and anti-Semitism must be beyond the bounds of politics. When someone close to a political figure shows sympathy and support for an individual who makes his name espousing bigotry, that political figure needs to distance himself from that decision. Senator Obama has done just that.”

If the ADL expects Obama to distance himself from second-hand contact with a professional bigot and hate monger (the contact being through the intermediary of Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ), then what are we to say of his direct and repeated contact with, and outright endorsement and promotion of, a racist and anti-Semite like Al Sharpton?

Sharpton and Obama (#2)

Senator Barack Obama (Ill): “Reverend Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.”

Does that include leading racist and anti-Semitic demonstrations around Jewish-owned stores before a deranged individual burns them to the ground, Barack?

John Kerry on How To Destroy Obama’s Candidacy

January 23, 2008

We received the following unsolicited E-mail from Genghis John the Khan Kerry via the Obama campaign. While it was obviously not Genghis John’s intention to tell us how to destroy Barack Obama’s candidacy, he has provided us with exactly that information. The same goes for the National Jewish Democratic Council, which provided similar information.

This year, the attacks are already starting. Some of you may have heard about the disgusting lies about Barack Obama that are being circulated by email. These attacks smear Barack’s Christian faith and deep patriotism, and they distort his record of more than two decades of public service. They are nothing short of “Swiftboat” style anonymous attacks.

We need you to email the truth to your address books. Print it out and post it at work. Talk to your neighbors. Call your local radio station. Write a letter to the editor. If lies can be spread virally, let’s prove to the cynics that the truth can be every bit as persuasive as it is powerful.

We agree entirely, and by doing exactly the things that Genghis John has described, we can destroy this fairy tale (Obamanation is more descriptive) before it turns into a sick and devastating practical joke on the United States. The truth about Obama can be spread virally (NJDC uses the same word, “viral E-mail”) to end his candidacy.

(1) E-mail the truth about Obama’s ongoing promotion and endorsement of Al Sharpton and his hate organization, the National Action Network, to your friends. (Don’t spam.)

(2) Check your employer’s policies (and the law) before printing out and posting anything at work. Do NOT use company equipment like copiers for this purpose.

(3) Talk to your neighbors about Obama’s promotion of racism and anti-Semitism.

(4) Write letters to the editor to remind your community of the things Sharpton and the National Action Network has done, and the fact that Obama endorsed both Sharpton and his hate group last April. (more…)

Obama: George Soros’ Golem, Bill Daley’s Monster

January 20, 2008

Golem: “an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter,” per Wikipedia. Furthermore, “Golems are not intelligent — if commanded to perform a task, they will take the instructions perfectly literally.”


Unlike Kerry, Barack Obama Covets George Soros’ Support
By Robert B. Bluey Staff Writer
July 27, 2004

Obama, however, is different from most Democrats because of his willingness to embrace the controversial Soros. Shortly after Soros equated the abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Obama joined him for a New York fund-raiser June 7.

…Not only did George Soros donate to Obama’s campaign, but four other family members – Jennifer, sons Jonathan and Robert and wife Susan – did as well.

Because of a special provision campaign finance laws, the Soroses were able to give a collective $60,000 to Obama during his primary challenge.

Remember, George $oro$ has called the U.S. under George Bush a menace to world peace while blaming Israel for causing anti-Semitism. If Soros is for Obama, we are against Obama.

Even NJDC Can’t Whitewash Obama-Sharpton Connection

January 19, 2008

A good strategist pays attention to what his enemy does not do, as well as what he does. NJDC’S Guide to Responding to Obama, Clinton, and Edwards Smears aimed at Jewish Voters actually makes some valid points, but one is conspicuous in its absence: the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton. We know quite well from prior experience that the National Jewish Democratic Council would lie on Obama’s behalf, or whitewash and downplay his failings, if it were conceivably possible to do so. The fact that NJDC does not address Obama’s blatant promotion of Al Sharpton and his National Action Network proves that (1) even NJDC can’t deny with a straight face that he did this and (2) there is no conceivable defense for doing it. We invite all of Obama’s opponents to pay close attention to this fact.

E-mail to Obama re: Promotion of Racist and Antisemitic Organization

January 12, 2008

FOR THE RECORD: proof that the Obama campaign has been challenged on this issue. We don’t expect an answer, because there is no conceivable answer or excuse for this.

11 January 2008
To: watchdog “at”
From: (E-mail address given)
cc: Internet blogs
Subject: Barack Obama’s endorsement and promotion of racism and anti-Semitism

“Getting smear E-mails about Barack Obama? Forward the email to watchdog “at” so we can fight back,” asks The following is not a smear E-mail, but a posting on the official Web site of Al Sharpton’s National Network: the same organization that, in 1995, paraded around a Jewish-owned store in Harlem while yelling racial and anti-Semitic epithets like “bloodsucking Jew,” “make the cracker suffer,” “cracker lover,” and, from Mr. Sharpton himself, “white interloper.” The mob added an arson threat that was later put into effect with the loss of seven innocent lives.

Quotes from Presidential Candidates that attended National Action Network’s 9th Annual Convention:

Senator Barack Obama (Ill): “Reverend Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up.”

There are also numerous pictures at this Web site of Barack Obama posing arm in arm with Al Sharpton. This ABC News blog reports that Obama made yet another public appearance with Al Sharpton in November: (more…)