Tufts University Committee on Student Life Slapped Down re: Primary Source controversy

We previously reported how Tufts University’s Committee on Student Life attempted to discipline The Primary Source for condemning and ridiculing Islamic supremacism. During the hearing, it is alleged that members of the Committee on Student Life (CSL) conducted themselves with a lack of ethics, maturity, and decorum that brought discredit on themselves and Tufts University. Now, like a dirty-faced adolescent punk who has abused a position of authority over others, the CSL has been slapped down hard by Tufts’ President Lawrence Bacow. Bacow has had to step in like a father who takes the car keys away from an immature adolescent son whom he has caught weaving in and out of traffic while speeding and driving drunk in the bargain.

At Tufts, officials bar censoring of publications

By Peter Schworm, Globe Staff | August 28, 2007

Tufts University officials barred student-faculty groups yesterday from censoring campus publications, reversing a committee’s punishment of a conservative student magazine for publishing editorials that sparked cries of racism.

University officials also overturned the committee’s ruling that forced The Primary Source magazine to use bylines on all published articles and editorials, which magazine editors and free speech advocates said was akin to censorship. University officials kept in place the committee’s finding that the editorials constituted harassment.

Let’s be very blunt. Bacow’s message to the CSL is effectively, “Since you cannot be trusted to exercise your authority over students in a mature and responsible manner, that authority is being taken away from you.” Hopefully it will be a long time before the Committee on Student Life gets those car keys back.


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