Barack Obama AGAIN Enables a Racist and Anti-Semite

This leads to the unavoidable question: is he one himself?

We recently reported on Barack Obama’s April appearance with the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton. This says more about Obama’s personal character than anything the Clinton campaign can possibly dig out of his past or even fabricate out of whole cloth. Obama’s opponents do not have to deride him when his own actions show that he is clearly unqualified to hold any position of public trust or responsibility whatsoever.

Far from apologizing to the entire country for conduct that has been unacceptable since Governor Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door to keep the Black children out, Obama has reaffirmed his racist and anti-Semitic connections by making yet another appearance with Al “White Interlopers” Sharpton, the individual whose followers screamed epithets like “bloodsucking Jews,” “Jew bastards,” and “cracker lovers” at Freddy’s Fashion Mart in 1995. Sharpton personally used the racial epithet “white interloper,” and he also called Crown Heights’ Jews “diamond merchants” with “the blood of innocent children on their hands.”

As Aesop told us more than two thousand years ago, birds of a feather flock together, and Obama’s obsessive preening of Al Sharpton’s feathers suggests–especially in the context of other unsavory contacts like Jeremiah Wrightthat Mr. Obama himself might have something against “white America” (Wright’s term) and especially against Jews.

More Blacks Lean Toward Obama
Shift in Allegiance From Clinton Could Tighten Primaries in South

Wall Street Journal December 14, 2007; Page A5

Mr. Obama is reaching out to blacks nationally as well. He recently took Rev. Al Sharpton, the former presidential candidate and black activist, out to a publicized lunch, and he held a fund-raiser at Harlem’s Apollo Theater.

Calling Al Sharpton a “black activist” is a lot like calling David Duke (Klan) a “white activist,” but we digress. The Clinton campaign has made much of Obama’s lack of experience, but a far better argument can be made for total lack of character. A person of character does not empower or enable individuals who spew phrases like “white interlopers” and [Jewish] “diamond merchants.” A person of character does not empower or enable an organization like the National Action Network, which chanted anti-Semitic and racial epithets at Freddy’s Fashion Mart, along with an arson threat that was later put into effect with the loss of seven lives. The fact that Mr. Obama has chosen to do these things shows that he is unfit to hold any position of public trust or responsibility in 21st century America, let alone the country’s highest office.

Furthermore, there is little doubt that Obama will need New York State’s votes to get anywhere near the White House. It is important to remind the people of Dutchess County, and especially Wappingers Falls, what Obama’s friend Al Sharpton did to that community in 1988. While one would expect them to remember, there are some people now of voting age who had not even been born at the time, so it is vital to educate them about the Tawana Brawley scandal and the damage that Mr. Obama’s friend Al Sharpton did to their community.


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