National Jewish Democratic Council Can’t Even Get Its Position Straight

We would never stand next to the National Jewish Democratic Council’s Steve Rabin and Jordan Lubeck in a men’s room unless we were wearing rubber boots. These worthies apparently never read the adage, “We aim to please, you aim too, please,” as shown by their recent commentary on evangelist Pat Robertson’s endorsement of Rudy Giuliani. In their desperate effort to piddle on Giuliani, they appear to have successfully targeted only each other’s feet.

 On November 7, Steve Rabin bleated,

 PAT ROBERTSON HAS ENDORSED RUDY GIULIANI. If there was every any doubt that Rudy Giuliani is selling out to the religious right, this is the evidence.

To which Jordan Lubeck added,

 Now remember, a vote for Giuliani is a vote for Pat Robertson.

On November 13, however, Steve Rabin posted the following:

 The reaction from leading US social conservatives to Pat Robertson’s endorsement of pro-abortion and pro-gay Rudolph Giuliani for the Republican presidential nomination has ranged from outraged denunciation to conspicuous silence. 

So let’s see, Steve–on November 7, according to you and Jordan Lubeck, Rudy Giuliani was going to turn the country over to Pat Robertson and perhaps turn it into a Christian theocracy but, as of November 13, the problem with Rudy Giuliani is that he is pro-choice and pro-gay rights. In other words, your new problem with him is that he may well appeal to social liberals who would otherwise vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Again, please warn us if you are using public rest room facilities, so we can do our own business several urinals away (or in a stall for extra safety). As for now, you really need to change your footwear and trousers.

As for Mr. Jordan’s “A vote for Giuliani is a vote for Robertson,” the following pictures speak for themselves.

Barack Obama with Al Sharpton

Sharpton and Clinton


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