National Jewish Democratic Council Backs Anti-Israel Group

NJDC Squarely Behind Organization that Defends Islamofascism and Promotes Hatred of Israel

“Birds of a feather flock together” is a parable that dates back to Aesop if not before. The National Jewish Democratic Council, aka National Jihad Democratic Crescent, is now flocking with the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee. It is eminently clear that the National Jewish Democratic Council does not speak for any responsible American Jews whatsoever, a conclusion that is reinforced by the organization’s habit of spewing both anti-Christian and anti-Semitic propaganda.


November 5, 2007

Today, the New Jersey Chapter of the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) condemned State Senator Gerald Cardinale and his wife, Demarest Councilwoman Carole Cardinale for implying that political opponent Joseph Ariyan is soft on terror and anti-Semitism because his law partner is affiliated with a group which defends Arab-Americans from discrimination.

We shall see that the group in question does a lot more than “defend Arab-Americans from discrimination,” although the concept of telling the entire truth as opposed to half-truths is a concept with which NJDC is totally unfamiliar.

The press release continues,

In one particularly high profile – and saddening – example, State Senator Gerald Cardinale and his wife, Demarest City Councilwoman Carole Cardinale, have alleged that the Senator’s Democratic opponent Joseph Ariyan is somehow soft on terror because Ariyan’s law partner is affiliated with the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). The Cardinales claim that ADC is anti-Semitic and soft on terror because a former Communications Director for the organization – who left the group three years ago – made anti-Israel remarks. The former ADC staffer in question claims he made the suspect remarks in writings for a college newspaper prior to joining ADC. He claims to have subsequently moderated his views.

Maybe an ADC member made anti-Israel remarks and maybe he didn’t, but this is not even the tip of the iceberg. From the ADC of Massachussets’ Action Alerts:

ADCMA Needs You To Take Action

Dear Friends,

Today, Arab and Muslim American professors, businesses and community leaders are
regularly attacked by right wing media organizations run by individuals like Daniel Pipes
and organizations such as Campus Watch. These attacks have a devastating impact.

In Boston, these media smear campaigns are on the rise. The Islamic Society of Boston
and the P Tech Corporation were the first targets of vicious media campaigns. Northeastern
Professor M. Shahid Alam, a well respected professor of 16 years, is the most recent target.
We need you to take a stand. In late December he experienced a rash of vicious emails,
some of which contained explicit death threats against him and his family. The university
was also barraged with mail calling for his job termination.

Ah yes, the Islamic Society of Boston. Where did we hear that name before?

Islamic Society of Boston ‘abandons’ defamation case in Massachusetts court

by Jerry Gordon

The case brought by the Islamic Society of Boston in the Suffolk County courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts against my friends at the David project, Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project, FoxNew cable news TV channel WFXT in Boston and the NewsCorp’s Boston Herald American has ‘collapsed’ and been abandoned.

The announcements came yesterday in news releases-see below. Having written about this matter since 2005 in postings on Israpundit, we should all be pleased about this outcome, as unwarranted and flagrantly unnecessary the original plaintiff action by the ISB was. This is an important development as I wrote to a Congressional staffer this morning involved with Senate hearings on Muslim Extremism in America this summer. Both the collapse of the CAIR-Anti-CAIR case in the Commonwealth of Virginia courts last year and now the ISB case in Massachusetts should be important ‘case studies’ of how Muslim advocacy groups have manipulated our legal system with the intent of muzzling free speech and First Amendment rights via ‘intimidation’.

Kol hakavod to Charles Jacobs of the David project and allies in Boston and Steven Emerson of the Investigative project in Washington and legal counsels for having waging a vigorous and withering defense resulting in yesterday’s abandonment of the defamation matter by the ISB.

Islamic Society of Boston Abandons Lawsuit Against The David Project

Islamic Society of Boston Drops Lawsuits Against David Project, Concerned Citizens, Boston Herald and Fox, Abandoning All Of Its Claims Without Receiving Any Payment

David Project to Continue Public Records Lawsuit To Force Disclosure of Evidence on Boston Redevelopment Authority-Islamic Society Land Deal

The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee also stands squarely behind Islamofascism (NOT mainstream Islam) as shown by this press release.

ADC Leads Effort Against Hate Campaign on Campus

Washington, DC | October 19, 2007 | | In September of this year, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) learned of a campaign called “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” (IFAW). After investigation, ADC determined the campaign, although touted as educational, does nothing more than spread hate and fear of Arabs and Islam by spreading false, hateful, and biased messages.

As a civil rights organization, ADC values the principle of free speech. However it believes hateful speech cannot be condoned and should not be allowed to permeate American campuses. The post-9/11 United States has seen a dramatic increase in hate crimes targeted against Arabs and Muslims or those perceived to be so. Events such as IFAW do not seek to further the discussion in a peaceful manner, but rather contribute to the prejudicial anger and hatred targeted against Arabs and Muslims in the US.

Islamofascism does not mean Islam, but rather the invocation of Islam as an excuse for fascist-like behavior. We have six words for ADC on this subject: “If the shoe fits, wear it.” If ADC wishes to equate Islamofascism with Arabs and Islam, that is ADC’s decision, not that of David Horowitz.

Now let’s take a look at what else the National Jewish Democratic Council is supporting (through its support and whitewash of ADC). This Taqqiya Sheet, straight from the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee itself, could have come straight from the International Solidarity Movement or

The Israeli Occupation Of Palestinian Land Is The Foremost Obstacle To Peace.

What is the Israeli Occupation?

June 1967: The Israeli military invaded the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. These areas of historic Palestine under military control are the “occupied territories,” which are systematically being incorporated into the state of Israel. These illegal policies are in violation of Palestinian national and human rights, as recognized in international law, UN resolutions and the Geneva Conventions.

Jerusalem: Israel annexed about 10% of the West Bank and incorporated it into Jerusalem, surrounding the city with massive settlements for Israelis.

Land: Israel has seized a majority of the land as military bases, settlements, security areas, “land reserves,” by-pass roads linking settlements with Israel, and other areas forbidden to Palestinians. Palestinians are confined to small fragmented areas resembling bantustans in an Israeli version of Apartheid.

Settlements: Israel has built over 200 settlements in the territories. Over 400,000 Israelis have moved onto Palestinian land. Many of the settlers are armed and aggressive extremists.

Home demolitions: Over 7000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed, leaving 30,000 people homeless.

Refugees: In 1948, the Israelis drove 700,000 Palestinians from their homes into exile through massacres and military force. [Note that these ADC people lie just like their Palestinian cousins; they conveniently omit the fact that the Arabs precipitated the entire problem by invading Israel.] Today, 5 million Palestinian refugees live in exile, many still in refugee camps, living in desperate conditions.

During the peace process, Israel intensified its system of control — Settlements were expanded, more settlers arrived, more homes were destroyed, more land was confiscated, more roads were built; unemployment rates skyrocketed. Israeli checkpoints on all roads obstruct Palestinians from travel to work, school, hospitals and places of worship. These policies finally provoked the second Intifadah.

U.S. Aid to Israel Funds the Occupation:

In the peace process, the U.S. claimed to be an “honest broker” fair to both sides. At the same time, the U.S. proclaimed itself the unswerving ally of Israel. These roles are contradictory. Massive U.S. aid funds the occupation.

U.S. financial aid: Since 1949, the U.S. has given Israel well over $87,000,000,000 in grants, loans and other assistance. This amounts to over $15,000 per Israeli citizen. For more information read the official Congressional Research brief entitled, Israel: U.S. Foreign Assistance.

U.S. military aid: U.S. aid has made Israel the third or fourth most powerful military force in the world. Israel is using U.S. F-16 fighters and Apache helicopters in attacks against Palestinian civilians. This violates the U.S. Foreign Arms Export Act.

Write to the President and help bring an end to the illegal occupation

The Question of Violence:

Both sides have committed acts of violence against unarmed, non-combatant civilians. Over 1000 people have died since September 29, 2000. The violence committed by Israeli forces, however, is far greater than that by Palestinians.

The ADC also defines terrorists as “political leaders,” which is probably why they object to Islamofascism Awareness Week; the shoe really does fit.

Israeli Death Squads Murder Senior Palestinian Political Leader

WASHINGTON, DC — In a major escalation of the conflict in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel, today Israeli death squads assassinated a senior Palestinian political leader at his office in a residential neighborhood of Ramallah. Israeli helicopter gunships fired two missiles at Mustafa Al-Zibri as he sat working at his desk. Three other persons were injured in the attack. Al-Zibri, widely known as Abu Ali Mustafa, was the Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and is the most prominent Palestinian political leader to be assassinated by Israel for over 10 years. He took over the leadership of the PFLP in April 2000 after its founder, George Habash, retired.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) as defined by the U.S. State Department, but the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee calls one of its senior members a “political leader.” Also, take a look at the anti-Israel hate videos at this page. (E.g for “How Israel Treats Non-Jews,” and to hear a pro-Palestinian shill blame Israel for all the problems, including suicide bombings.)

THIS IS WHAT THE NATIONAL JEWISH DEMOCRATIC COUNCIL IS SUPPORTING. Lest we forget, the National Jewish Democratic Council is the same organization that uses its nominally Jewish identity to:

(1) Whitewash the most vicious imaginable anti-Semitic hate speech from its friends at
(2) Publish anti-Semitic “Jew as Christian-hater” propaganda of the same kind as was once used to incite pogroms
(3) Publish vicious anti-Christian propaganda that could easily give someone like Ann Coulter the perception that “Jews” regard her Savior as a “raving lunatic.” It is very important for our Christian friends to realize that the NJDC has about as much to do with Judaism as the Ku Klux Klan (which uses Christian symbols in its regalia and rituals) has to do with anything that genuine Christians would recognize as their religion.

The NJDC’s press release concludes,

“The cynical behavior of Senator Cardinale and Councilwoman Cardinale are, to be frank, reminders of why all-too-many Americans are fed up with politics,” said national NJDC Executive Director Ira N. Forman. “To blame a candidate because his law partner is affiliated with an organization which had a former staffer who wrote nasty articles in a student newspaper – this is almost as absurd as it is reprehensible. Voters deserve better.”

Just as Ira Forman lied to American Jews about’s anti-Semitic hate speech, he is now being less than truthful about ADC. We don’t care whether a former ADC staffer wrote nasty articles in a student newspaper. The problem with ADC is its attempt to shield Islamofascists (through opposition to Islamofascism Awareness Week), its definition of actual terrorists as “political leaders,” and its anti-Israel hate videos. This is what NJDC is supporting, and it should now be clear exactly where NJDC stands: on the side of the bad guys.


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