Militant Islam: the Green Plague

“What is it that hunts you? Name it to me.”
“If I could name it — ” Ged stopped himself. . . .
“If you could name it you could master it, maybe, little wizard . . . Would you like to know its name?”. . . .
Ursula Kroeber LeGuin, A Wizard of Earthsea

In magic, the name of a thing IS the thing. …the name contains in itself the essence of the animal’s being, the quality which makes it what it is and not something else.
Cavendish, Richard. 1989. Legends of the World, Crown Publishers, Inc. New York. p. 334

As with many myths and legends, the concept of a secret or true name has a very real basis. In myths and stories, discovery of someone’s or something’s true name conveys magical powers over the person or object in question. In practice, someone who learns the true nature of a thing, such as the culture of an organization, also gains considerable power over it. More importantly, the power to name a thing is the power to control it. If we can name militant “Islam” in this manner, we can destroy it utterly.

In many legends, the true or real name is itself a magic word. Rumpelstiltskin stamped his foot and vanished into the ground the instant the queen revealed his real name. In the real world, the power of names is reinforced by Dale Carnegie’s advice to “give the dog a good name.” This means modifying a person’s or organization’s behavior by attributing to him or it a desirable trait, even if that trait is lacking. “Assume and state openly that the other party has the virtue you want him to develop.”

It is also well known that the side that controls the language of a debate can usually control the debate itself. For example:
(1) People who favor abortion rights call themselves “pro-choice” and their opponents “anti-choice,” thus attempting to define the argument as one between people who favor a woman’s right to “choose,” and those who want to restrict her right to control her own body.
(2) People who oppose abortion rights, or want to limit them, call themselves “pro-life” to imply that their opponents are against life. They also call their opponents “pro-abortion” to reinforce this idea.
(3) Second Amendment supporters have called gun control advocates “rape enablers,” while defining gun control laws as “victim disarmament laws.”
(4) Gun control advocates attempt to slap the ineffective label “gun nuts” on Second Amendment supporters to demean and denigrate them.
(5) Israel-haters call the security wall the “Apartheid Wall” to imply a connection between Israeli security policies and apartheid.
(6) recently attempted to apply the name “General Betray Us” to David Petraeus, with disastrous consequences to its own credibility. This underscores a key lesson: the name we attempt to apply must be reasonably accurate if we expect to make it stick.

All of these are examples of efforts, some more successful than others, to use the ancient concept of the power of names to real-world applications. We are therefore talking about very real organizational behavior and organizational psychology concepts with real power, and their effective use can often destroy an enemy just as surely as physical weapons, legal maneuvers, or costly public relation campaigns. If we can apply an accurate name to militant “Islam” and make it stick, we can kill that evil ideology just as dead as mythological sorcerers could kill people after learning their true names. We therefore propose that militant “Islam” be referred to as:

The Green Plague

Green is the color of Islam, and “Green Plague” creates an automatic mental association with the Black Plague. This is why we think the name “Green Plague” will stick if we use it in the correct contexts. The mental association of militant “Islam” with one of history’s deadliest diseases will then destroy its underlying foundation, or at least prevent its spread in civilized countries.

YouTube video of the Green Plague infesting the United Kingdom.
Note the violent threats, talk of bombings, chants of “Kill, kill, Denmark” and “We want Danish blood.” We do not understand why the United Kingdom does not deport these individuals as the undesirables they are.

The Green Plague in America: militant “Muslims” desecrate an American flag while chanting to Allah.

* Black Plague and Green Plague are deadly and communicable diseases that have, throughout their histories, killed tens of millions of innocent people. Green Plague has killed not only countless Hindus, Jews, and Christians, but also Muslims who were slaughtered for being the wrong “kinds” of Muslims (i.e. Sunni or Shiite), or were used as cannon fodder by manipulative and self-serving demagogues beginning with Mohammed himself.
* Black Plague is a deadly physical disease, and Green Plague is a deadly mental disease.
* Black Plague is spread by fleas on plague-carrying rats, and Green Plague is spread by mullahs and imams such as Mahdi Bray of the Muslim-American Society, the Muslim Student Association that has infested numerous American campuses. Al-Waleed bin Talal has placed centers for Muslim studies, or “Muslim-Christian Understanding,” at Georgetown University and Harvard University. All these are vectors for the contagion known as Green Plague.

Understanding the Green Plague
Of all the world’s religions, militant “Islam” is the only one that seeks to metastasize across the world like malignant cancer. It is necessary to understand and appreciate this fact up front.

Shaytan (Islamic Thinkers)
(Note regarding copyright: the statement at the Islamic Thinkers Society says “Please Spread them” with regard to these images. Believe us, we will.)

* Jews assimilate into their surrounding societies, and Judaism does not actively seek converts.
* India’s primary objective is economic growth despite some residual quarrels with its northern neighbors–quarrels that probably date back to the Mughal Empire. Hinduism does not seek converts either, noting that one has to be born into a caste to be a Hindu.
* Although Christianity seeks converts, Jesus’ statement about rendering to Caesar (one’s country) that which is Caesar, and to God that which is God’s, means that Christians can be loyal to both their faith and their countries. Christian rulers later reinforced this idea:

Every subject’s duty is the king’s; but every subject’s soul is his own.
–Henry V of England
I must be served with life and limb, with house and wealth, with honour and conscience, everything must be committed except eternal salvation—that belongs to God—but all else is mine.
–Frederick William I of Prussia

* Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucism are primarily philisophical systems, and there is no conflict between those systems and loyalty to one’s country.
* Militant Islam, aka the Green Plague, is the only so-called religion that demands a higher loyalty to itself than to the believer’s country. Entities like the Islamic Thinkers Society have made this very clear by brandishing signs that say Islam will one day rule the United States. Demonstrations by militant “Muslims” in Europe make no secret of their intention to take over their surrounding societies through uncontrolled immigration breeding. “Uncontrolled immigration and breeding” sounds a lot like the macroscopic equivalent of metastasizing cancer or the spread of a contagious plague.
khilafah (Islamic Thinkers)

Here is how you can help fight the Green Plague. Whenever you mention militant “Islam” or militant “Muslims” in a blog or discussion group, call it “The Green Plague: a deadly and contagious mental disease.” If you want to elaborate, add that “The Black Plague was a deadly physical disease that was spread by plague-carrying rats. The Green Plague is a deadly ideology that is spread by mullahs and imams. The Green Plague has probably killed more people throughout its history than the Black Plague.” Always bear in mind the power of names; if we can name militant Islam a contagious disease, we can destroy it or at least keep it from spreading.


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2 Responses to “Militant Islam: the Green Plague”

  1. Kityon.Com » Militant Islam: the Green Plague Says:

    […] green toronto wrote an interesting post today on Militant Islam: the Green PlagueHere’s a quick […]

  2. thunderwave Says:

    I am soo glad that many know about this. I thought I was the only one. I worked in Toronto for a bank in sales, and had to keep my jewish ancestry and homosexuality a secret as a large network of people formed there that thought I was less than Human. I was referred to as a Dog, Fag, shit eater. One of my Managers said it was best if I keep quite. SUBJIGATION in the workplaces of TORONTO by those that think I am a dog is insane. I am sure that in Canada and the US, “the green plague” can be stopped, but most of Europe may burn. How many years do we have? Millions of Refugees from Europe may show up here when “the green plague”, “the muslim brotherhood project” advance to sufficent numbers to begin to take over the “public realm” of many European nations. Also many Jews, especially of FRANCE have moved out of Europe as they know whats coming. Many of those people are coming to North America, and are Organizing. The recent attacks from the “Islamic Counsel of Canada, against a author from Macleans magazine, is just a sign of the start of the attacks against individuals, groups, anyone of Jewish blood. I learned about this Green Plague hate from many of my co-workers at the bank. I noticed that not only Jews, but Homosexuals, blacks, whites, all that resist subjigation will be targeted. They have formed entire networks in the workplaces of TORONTO, and they think they are strong enough now to subjigate poeple like Marl Styen of Macleans magazine in Canada. Many are awakening to the hostility of the Green Plague hate. We must wake up, before we are slaughtered. Please help the Jewish community of Toronto any way you can. They are now openly attakced by many in their workplaces, univeristies, now authors in magazines. Many Americans may not know of this yet, but they will. Its a matter of time. 5 years, 10 years, whenever the sleeper cells in Toronto and Montreal become active, probably when the middle east becomes hot, and there is some sort of Iranian inspired aggression against Isreal and JEWS, with Hezbollah, Hamas in Lebanon, Syria, and the Palistinian areas. THEN you will see the true hate of the GREEN PLAGUE here in a supposidly safe American and Canadian Homeland. BE STRONG!

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