Michael Vick Job Opportunity

Now that Michael Vick is going to plead guilty to a conspiracy charge related to the dog fighting allegations against him, he is likely to be suspended from the National Football League, possibly for life. He and his co-defendants (who have already pleaded guilty) should rest assured, however, that a multitude of job opportunities await them that will make extensive use of their unique talents.

As reported by the Washington Post,

 In or about April 2007, PEACE, PHILLIPS, VICK, and two others “rolled” or “tested” additional “Bad Newz Kennels” dogs by putting the dogs through fighting sessions at 1915 Moonlight Road to determine which animals were good fighters. PEACE, PHILLIPS, and VICK agreed to the killing of approximately 6-8 dogs that did not perform well in “testing” sessions at 1915 Moonlight Road and all of those dogs were killed by various methods, including hanging and drowning. VICK agrees and stipulates that these dogs all died as a result of the collective efforts of PEACE, PHILLIPS, and VICK. . . .  

 This sounds like the perfect resume for numerous jobs in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. As reported by Dogs and Cats: Tortured for Taste in China:

Torture = Taste according to SOME Chinese in remote parts of South China, where it is commonly believed in these areas that the more an animal suffers the better the taste of the final product. Due to this incorrect theory, animals are routinely hacked to pieces, skinned and boiled alive in an attempt to add flavor.

…It is estimated that up to 10 million dogs are slaughtered every year in China, many deliberately slowly and cruelly in the belief that “torture equals taste”, whilst all suffer the stress and pain of being farmed in concentrated numbers before being killed in a variety of ways which rarely ensures a quick and humane death.


Communist Chinese Cuisine = 101 Ways to Wok your Dog!

  • Puppy Parmesan
  • Poodle Pot Pie
  • (German, Australian, Belgian, Shetland, Maremma) Shepherd Pie
  • Kitten M’iaow Mein
  • Saint Bernard Burgers
  • Australian Eskimo Pie
  • Chow Chow Chow
  • Dachsund Dogs
  • Greyhound Gruel
  • Ground Great Dane
  • Keeshond Kielbasa
  • Mastiff Meat
  • Pomeranian in a Pot
  • Rottweiler Ratataouille
  • Samoyed Sausage


We think Michael Vick and his codefendants will find a perfect home in this country, where their unique talents will be quite welcome.It is well known that animal cruelty promotes cruelty to humans, and the Butchers of Beijing are well known for executing political prisoners to sell their organs. In addition, Communist China’s total contempt for human life (‘1000 workers were killed in a factory accident? Plenty more where they came from!”) carries over into the unsafe and defective products it sells to the United States.

Made In China

China’s Chery Car: Safe At Any Speed For U.S. Market?

There’s a new video on the web that’s sure to entertain skeptics of the Chinese auto industry. It’s video of a car from China’s Chery Automobile faring poorly in a crash test in Russia. For those who fear the Chinese auto industry hurting the Big 3, this video will give them the ammunition they need to take shots at the Chinese.

Our own experience includes helping a neighbor assemble a Made in China gas grill, with defective connections that caused flammable gas to emerge from locations other than the burner. Had we not found this, someone could have been burned when the gas finally ignited. In any event, Communist China’s total contempt for human life, whether it involves murdering political prisoners to harvest their organs, selling poisoned toothpaste and unsafe toys, and so on is entirely consistent with its contempt for animal life, as shown by state-sanctioned animal cruelty and its sale of toxic pet food to Americans.


3 Responses to “Michael Vick Job Opportunity”

  1. animalchaplain Says:

    Wow. That video is very disturbing….

    As the Chair of Animal Chaplains.com, I have been horrified to learn about dogfighting and the cruel torturing, maiming, and killing that takes place in it. I am saddened that celebrities like athlete Michael Vick and rapper DMX have been implicated in such unbelievably bloody crimes. And now, seeing this video about the animal abuse in China makes me rather sick to my stomach…

    The blogosphere seems to focus on the wrong questions, IMHO. Instead of, “Are animals as important as humans?”, the real question should be, “Do animals suffer?”

    Like humans, animals are sentient beings who feel pain. That is not only an intuitive reality, but a scientific fact. We are instructed by all of the worlds major faiths to care for animals in responsible, loving ways. It is our moral and spiritual obligation to protect them. Please join us on October 4th, 2007, in cities all around the world to celebrate “World Animal Day”. On that day, animals will be blessed and honored, and we will hopefully all realize how lucky we are to have them in our world. For more information, search on the words “World Animal Day” for a celebration near you.

    Nancy J. Cronk
    Founder, Chair and Chaplain
    Interfaith Association of Animal Chaplains

  2. wingedhussar1683 Says:

    Re: “the real question should be, “Do animals suffer?”

    As warm-blooded mammals, it is obvious that dogs and other animals feel pain exactly as we do. Since the Chinese Communists do not hesitate to inflict pain and death on human political prisoners, it is not surprising that they condone animal abuse as well (and vice versa, animal abusers are often violent toward people).

  3. nwlimited Says:

    Our addiction to “crap” outweighs our sense of ideals, it would seem…love the blog.

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