Armed Forces need Type AB blood donors

Here is something about 4 percent of us (the number with type AB blood) can do to help the men and women who protect our freedom.

Calling Blood Type AB Donors
We have received an urgent request from the United States Department of Defense for type AB plasma. We will be shipping them 100 units a week thru mid-August. We ask for your help at this time. As a blood type AB donor, the plasma in your body is universal – it can go to anyone of any blood type. Who uses plasma? Burn patients, trauma patients, even our troops wounded in battle. Type AB is also rare. Only 4% of the population is type AB, so you can imagine how in-demand your plasma must be. You can give just your AB plasma through a special type of blood donation called apheresis. Donations can be made at a local American Red Cross donation center near you. One donation can give enough for up to four patient doses. You would have to donate whole blood up to four times to equal the same number of patient doses as one apheresis plasma donation.


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