Al Gore’s Message to Live Earth Suckers Audience

He doesn’t even sound sincere.

Please tell us what you think. Which of these does Al Gore remind you most?

(1) A medieval indulgence seller (like Geoffrey Chaucer’s Pardoner)
(2) A 19th century snake oil salesman
(3) P.T. Barnum with his “To the Egress” sign
(4) A Nigerian who needs your help to get $5 million worth of carbon emission credits out of the country, which he will happily divide with you after you cover all the expenses involved
(5) A carnival barker selling tickets to the sideshow
(6) One of the exhibits in the sideshow

Remember, Al Gore buys carbon emission credits from his own company (like an indulgence seller pardoning his own sins) so he can tell you how he is saving the planet, while his house uses more energy in a month than most people’s homes do in a year.


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