Even the Anti-Defamation League Can’t Stand the NJDC

‘Bubbie’ Web ad for Jews seen as crossing the line

by ron kampeas

Just how persuasive is a Jewish grandmother armed with a lethal handbag?

And does “Bubbie,” a cartoon Jewish Democrat who knocks Republicans into oblivion, cross a line in a campaign season that already has seen pitched advertisement battles in the Jewish community?

“I’m saddened, disappointed and offended,” said Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. “It pits Christians against Jews, it uses stereotypes we should know better about projecting.”

…Foxman said the Christian imagery — the crucifix, the pulpit and the cassocks — upset him. “It’s unacceptable,” he said.

The ADL director also said the use of a Yiddish-accented grandmother reinforced unfortunate stereotypes. “For us to use Jewish stereotypes — a Jewish grandma with an accent — to make the point on behalf of Jewish Democrats, is flabbergasting,” he said.

 We would go so far as to classify the National Jewish Democratic Council (double oxymoron, there is nothing Jewish or Democratic about it) as an anti-Christian hate group with no ethics or character whatsoever. The following images from the Bubbie video are definitely intended to promote hatred of Christians (as opposed to contempt for Republicans), noting that they portray Christians in a “This is the Enemy” context.

NJDC Cross

NJDC Minister

NJDC Jews for Jesus


NJDC Rapture


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