Response to ADL’s 2007 Annual Appeal

We received ADL’s 2007 Annual Appeal, which says “ADL teaches people to say ‘no’ to bigotry.” Although we can always use free address labels, we will not be using the ones you sent because we do not wish to associate our name with the organization that used its prestige and Jewish identity to whitewash’s anti-Semitic and other forms of hate speech last year:

ADL Welcomes’s Responsiveness in Removing Anti-Semitic Messages

Posted: September 5, 2006

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) welcomed the responsiveness of Political Action in removing anti-Semitic messages that had been posted on the Action Forum on their Web site.

In response to a letter of concern, Eli Pariser, Executive Director of MoveOn Political Action, has been in direct contact with ADL. He indicated that found the comments abhorrent and had them removed.

ADL is pleased with Mr. Pariser’s responsiveness to our concerns and believes the matter has been resolved satisfactorily.

ADL has insisted in sticking with this whitewash of a left-wing Democratic organization even though it is on record that ADL was provided with the following information.

(1) An E-mail of April 1 2004, which told about the hate speech. This alone proves that didn’t “just find out about it” in mid-August, as Eli Pariser’s letter claimed.
(2) Reams of hate speech that were harvested from the Action Forum two or more weeks after the MoveOn press release, thus proving that lied about deleting all but a few items. Nonetheless, ADL insists on accepting Eli Pariser’s claim, “He indicated that found the comments abhorrent and had them removed.”
(3) The Action Forum FAQ page that says in more than one place that MoveOn monitors the forum and even reads each comment (including the hate speech) twice. This again shows that didn’t “just find out” about the hate speech, and in fact suggests that MoveOn’s moderators saw each piece of hate speech not once but twice.
(4) Votes of overwhelming approval, as opposed to condemnation, of the hate speech by other Action Forum participants.
(5) An official bulletin that cites an essay that “describes many of the familiar neo-conservatives as having “dual loyalties,” making policy decisions in the interests of the State of Israel as much as the United States.”

Abraham Foxman’s letter to Eli Pariser expressed concern about some of the hate speech:

We have received complaints that anti-Semitic messages have been posted on the Action Forum under the auspices of Some of the examples are “media owning Jewish pigs,” referring to Senator Joseph Lieberman as “Jew Lieberman,” “Zionazis,” and “why are the Jews so Jew-y?”

This, however, merely scratches the surface. Other postings went beyond name calling like “Jew Lieberman” and “Zionazis” to include propaganda of the kind that has historically been used to incite violence and pogroms against Jews–nor was the hate speech limited to Jews alone. Here are a few examples, including the votes of approval that were given by the other participants. E.g. “eight out of nine” means that, of the nine people who voted on the comment, eight agreed while one disagreed. Furthermore, all of these examples were downloaded well AFTER Eli Pariser says the hate speech was removed!

(1) “Not to get nasty but jews have a long history of subverting governments for their own enrichment and glory to the detriment of whole societies. Many more than “6 million” have died by semetic aggression…” 13 out of 16 agreed
(2) “Today in Israel, school curricula are dominated by the Talmud, especially a specific Talmudic text called Shulhan Aruch. In this text, Jews are commanded to slaughter non-Jews who are viewed more or less as animals or at least lesser human beings.” 10 out of 13 agreed
(3) “We need your help in finding a word that is less offensive [than “Jew Lieberman”]. One that describes the Jewish congressmen and Jewish owned media that has a greater allegiance to Israel than the US. ” 7 out of 8 agreed
(4) “Removing all Israeli obsessed Jews from congress would stop a lot of killing.” 12 out of 14 agreed
(5) “Nearly 3/4 of the entire Jewish population was exterminated. If you can’t tell us why, We are stuck with logic and commonsense. I’m saying Jews instead of Israelis because I read the Israeli newspapers, the “Israeli Lobby” papers and have seen the House vote 410-8 in support Israel while the UN typically votes 191-4 against Israel. Also the billions in aid and military equipment are conspicuous. The world court unanimously voted against Israel. By blaming Hitler you don’t have to face the truth. I will stop condemning Jews when they become acclimated with all people.” 9 out of 12 agreed that Jews did “something” to deserve the Holocaust
(6) “The Israelis see themselves as a new race and a new nation and are rather ashamed of their Jewish past.” 7 out of 7 agreed with this.
(7) “Racism is unacceptable, and Zionism is racism.” 13 out of 16 voted to agree that Zionism is racism.
(8) “I hope you didn’t volunteer for Vietnam, otherwise you are just a mercenary like the others.” 11 out of 13 voted to agree with this hate speech directed at Vietnam veterans.
(9) “Thanks Harry, for telling it like it is. Rice and Powell ARE “house slaves”. And the “Republicans ARE like the Jews who worked for Hitler”. And Shrub IS “a tyrant and a terrorist”. Harry, we need people like you in Congress.” 12 out of 15 voted agreement with this racist hate speech against two prominent African-Americans.
(10) “First SAY it, “zionist occupied government”, Then STOP it.” [We don’t have the vote tally for this one]
(11) “And the Supreme Court is packed with Opus Dei Catholics who support a monarchy…” 13 out of 14 agreed with this anti-Catholic hate speech.
(12) “But until the priests are hounded down and arrested like the baby rapers they are, the neverending cycle will continue. You want to throw a monkey wrench in both political parties? Call for the arrest and immediate incarceration of the Catholic Pedophiles of America. ” 8 out of 9 agreed with the use of this language to describe Catholics.
(13) “The vicitm class will expand until you too can be jailed for ridiculously minor offenses while the Catholics are raping your children. ” 94 percent voted to agree that the Catholics are raping our children.
(14) “Christians support the lies and the lying warmongers who tell them. They have become just another political lobby group for Bush.” 21 out of 26, or more than 80 percent, agreed with this anti-Christian hate speech.
(15) “How can we have high level people in our government making foreign policy decisions when they are Jewish Americans? It is a cystal clear case of conflict of interest. Their loyalty is to Israel and it has become our loyalty too above what is good for America. ” 8 out of 9 voted to agree.
(16) “Yes I live a long way from New York and we are not infested with Arab hating Jews.” 10 out of 11 voted to agree.
(17) “Why were Jews hated in Germany, Russia, France, Italy, and the US and around the world. I’d guess they handle success poorly.” 9 out of 11 voted to agree.
(18) ” For Blacks to receive the discipline basically the military have to offer, and minorities are so much in need, I would suggest that they recruit Blacks, keep them in safe positions state side and not allow them a weapon, because they may use it against those they perceive to be their enemy. ” 10 out of 13 agreed that African-American soldiers are potential mutineers who cannot be trusted with weapons.
(19) ” He says the use of the Diebolt computer voting machines and the use of large number of evangelicals to man polling booths created widespread electoral fraud, not just in Ohio. ” 127 out of 131 voted to agree with this hate speech against evangelical Christians.
(20) “No terrorism should be tolerated and Israel should have never been recognized to create a state as a result of terrorist acts.” [Vote tally not available]
(21) ” Islamic hostilities will go away the minute Israel is closed down and the Jews all move to the US where they should have come to begin with.” [Vote tally not available]
(22) “I know that condemning all Jews is wrong,,,, but I don’t have a word that describes the misguided, blood thirsty ones. Sorry. I can’t just say Israel because their US supporters may be the real instigators.”

We must also remind ADL that’s moderators were not only aware of this material, they exercised editorial control in its favor. Pro-Israel comments were deleted, as were comments critical of and hatemongers like Al Sharpton. The hate speech was meanwhile allowed to stand, at least until the scandal forced MoveOn to delete a few token items like the “Jew Lieberman” slur. Furthermore, the hate speech did not occur in a vacuum, or independently of’s official positions. ADL was provided explicitly with the following information last September 15: an official bulletin from Noah Winer that supports the “divided loyalties” accusation.

Nearly all PNAC participants, whether Jewish or Christian, are right-wing Zionists who support Ariel Sharon’s Likud Party. In 1996, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and others drafted a paper for incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to make “a clean break” from the Oslo peace process preferring “peace through strength,” including the ouster of Saddam Hussein.

This essay describes many of the familiar neo-conservatives as having “dual loyalties,” making policy decisions in the interests of the State of Israel as much as the United States.

We later found another official bulletin that supported Action Forum statements to the effect that Israel does not have a right to exist, and it cites sources like the Electronic Intifada. The bulletin, for which MoveOn’s Noah T. Winer has editorial responsibility, can be viewed at This bulletin was not, however, provided to ADL last September as was. The latter bulletin is, incidentally, still online and it is still talking about “many of the familiar neo-conservatives as having “dual loyalties,” making policy decisions in the interests of the State of Israel as much as the United States.”

The Action Forum also included a substantial amount of 9/11 Denial, which is like Holocaust denial except it denies, excuses, or explains away two missing skyscrapers and four missing airplanes instead of six million missing Jews and three million missing Polish Catholics. Similar material can often be heard on the Jeff Rense Show, which recently featured an interchange between Rense and David DuKKKe regarding Jews.

This is the sort of material that the Anti-Defamation League used its prestige and Jewish identity to whitewash last September, and is continuing to whitewash despite having been provided with ample proof that lied about not knowing about the hate speech, and then about removing it. This is despite the fact that the hate speech, which the Action Forum FAQ page suggests was read by MoveOn’s moderators not once but twice, includes statements to the effect that Jews have divided loyalties, Jews did “something” to deserve the Holocaust, the Talmud commands Jews to hate and even slaughter non-Jews, all Catholics are pedophiles, and prominent African-Americans are “house slaves.” ADL must therefore excuse us for concluding that its opposition to bigotry and anti-Semitism ends where the wing of the Democratic Party begins.

This perception is reinforced by a Google search on and “Al Sharpton.” Al Sharpton is a prominent racist and anti-Semite whose inflammatory anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric played at least an indirect role in the Crown Heights riots and the arson of Freddy’s Fashion Mart. In the latter incident, Sharpton’s National Action Network–the same hate group at which all the major Democratic candidates appeared earlier this year–marched around the store while shouting racial and anti-Semitic epithets while threatening to burn the store down. Al Sharpton personally called the Jewish owner a “white interloper,” while a close associate said, “Don’t give the Jew a dime.” Racist terms like “cracker” and “cracker lover” were used as well. One of Sharpton’s followers finally followed through on the arson threat, and killed seven people in the process.

While the ADL has a highly negative dossier on the White Aryan Resistance’s Tom Metzger (and rightly so), it has no similar criticism or denunciation of Al Sharpton. A Google search on comes up with nothing at all for Sharpton’s hate group, the National Action Network. Why does ADL, which has so much information about the Ku Klux Klan, White Aryan Resistance, and so on say nothing about the National Action Network? While doing so might be damaging to the political aspirations of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards–all of whom appeared at this group in 2007–shouldn’t there be political consequences for affirming the legitimacy of a hate group in this manner? It is easy to imagine what ADL would say if a Presidential candidate stood arm in arm with a Grand Wizard at a Ku Klux Klan rally, and we see no reason why the same standards should not apply to Barack Obama for standing arm in arm with Al Sharpton at the National Action Network.

ADL’s fundraising letter says, “I want to join the Anti-Defamation League in its fight against hatred, racism, violent bigotry, and anti-Semitism.” When ADL starts such a fight in which its declared enemies include all such bigots without regard to their political affiliations, it is welcome let us know. Until then, ADL is welcome to sit down and shut up while worthier individuals and organizations stand up to said bigots, and also to the militant “Islamic” front groups that are overrunning our college campuses.


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