Sharpton Associate Alton Maddox Stands Behind Mike Nifong

We are hardly surprised that Alton Maddox, who was himself disbarred for an incident that involved false accusations of rape (Tawana Brawley and Wappingers Falls) is standing behind the disgraced ex-Durham prosecutor and ex-attorney Mike Nifong. Nifong’s ethics are probably quite similar to those of Alton Maddox, and Al Sharpton is now three for three. Of the three attorneys with whom he “worked” in the Tawana Brawley and Duke Lacrosse cases, all have received the ultimate sanction from the legal profession: disbarment for proven unfitness to practice law.

Alton H. Maddox Jr. writes,

Amsterdam News
Originally posted 6/21/2007

North Carolina’s disbarment of Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong on June 16, 2007 is akin to the December 2, 1858 hanging of John Brown, a white freedom fighter, for conducting a raid on the United States Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia on October 16, 1858. Osborne P. Anderson, an African, aided Brown and escaped to fight again in the Civil War.

…There would have been no Underground Railroad if all Blacks in the antebellum South had the same mindset as Obama. New York framed me and I have had to struggle against all odds for the past 17 years. The three “white angels” are being rewarded for participating in a “hoax.” 
 If Nifong had been made out of the same cloth as John Brown, he would have gone out in a blaze of glory. Nifong should have put this country’s criminal justice system on trial through his disciplinary hearing. This would have constituted an official record on prosecutorial misconduct.

Wikipedia reports (and we remember it, having lived in Wappingers Falls when Al Sharpton was attempting to Nifong innocent people for raping Tawana Brawley), “ Alton Maddox was disbarred by the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court in Brooklyn on May 21, 1990, after failing to appear before a disciplinary hearing to answer allegations regarding his conduct in the Brawley case.”

 Well, it is no surprise that one ex-attorney who was banished from the legal profession for misconduct involving false accusations of rape would stand behind another who was similarly sanctioned for exactly the same conduct.

Al Sharpton’s list of people who raped Tawana Brawley


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