Help Derail Obama “Walk for Change”

David Ploufe of sent the following in response to our e-mails questioning Barack Obama’s association with anti-Semites, racists, and hate organizations.

An army of Obama volunteers are getting ready to Walk for Change on June 9. These folks will go door-to-door, signing up new volunteers, raising money from supporters, and spreading Barack’s message of change in neighborhoods across the country. Local organizers have planned more than 1,000 walks in all 50 states.

If Barack Obama’s association with bigots and hate groups is not acceptable to you, here is how to derail his Walk for Change. First, print out the information shown below, and have it ready to hand to the Walk for Change volunteer on Saturday June 9. Then, when the volunteer comes to your door, be polite but firm.

  • If you are CAUCASIAN, say that you doubt that Obama wants the vote of a “cracker” or “white interloper,” to use the terminology of Obama’s friend Al Sharpton. (The way Sharpton’s tongue is hanging out in the picture, he is probably having a sexual fantasy about a burning white-owned store, preferably a Jewish one like Freddy’s Fashion Mart. “A Molotov cocktail, the flash of a match/ and your whitey Jew store is a pile of ash!”)
  • Barack Obama with Al Sharpton

  • If you are AFRICAN-AMERICAN, tell the volunteer that racists and bigots like Al Sharpton, the Klan’s David Duke, and the White Aryan Resistance’s Tom Metzger appeal universally to the absolute dregs of the societies they claim to represent. Since Obama appeared arm in arm with Al Sharpton, you are obviously not the kind of Black voter whose support he wants–namely, the kind of Black person who, if he or she was white, would be wearing a sheet and burning a cross.
  • If you are a JEW, add that you doubt that Obama wants any “bloodsucking Jews” or “diamond merchants” (again the terminology of Sharpton and his National Action Network) to support him, and that you are even more sure that he doesn’t want the votes of any “Christ Killers” (the implication made by Allan Houston, who hosted a fundraising reception for Obama).
  • If you are GAY or LESBIAN, add that you doubt that Obama wants any “Greek homos” (Sharpton’s words) to vote for him.
  • If you are a CATHOLIC, add that you do not appreciate Obama appearing at events, noting that published an official “the Catholics are taking over America” cartoon of Pope Benedict waving a gavel in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.’s Action Forum also promoted vicious anti-Catholic hate speech, which received overwhelming approval from the other participants.

Be sympathetic, as the Walk for Change volunteers are probably well-meaning people who will be as appalled at the following information as anyone else. They have almost certainly not been informed of these things, or they would not be volunteering to help Obama. By the time you finish educating them, they are likely to break off their “Walk for Change” on the spot. The volunteer you discourage will NOT contact the remaining people on his or her list. If enough people do this, the June 9 Walk for Change event will be a disaster, which is what Obama deserves for giving credibility to racists, anti-Semites, and hate organizations.

Note to Hillary Clinton supporters; you can use this to pay Obama’s supporters back for the “1984” ad, but be warned; your candidate also consorted with Al Sharpton and

Now for the information (copy to Word, and print. 11 point Times New Roman will fit on two pages.)

Dear Walk for Change Volunteer;

Under no circumstances will I vote for Barack Obama in next year’s primary elections. If he is nonetheless nominated, I will work actively for his defeat. I cannot support an individual who consorts with, and thus lends credibility to, so many racists, anti-Semites, and hate organizations–and there is also Aesop’s adage about birds of a feather flocking together.

  1. Barack Obama accepted support from a $1000-a-head fundraiser that was hosted by Allen Houston. As reported by “Did Obama Pick the Wrong Playmates” (Daily Intelligencer), “Though Ward was the most criticized (he said Jews had Jesus’s “blood on their hands” and were “stubborn” during a pre-game Bible study), Houston supported Ward’s notion that Jews were responsible for Christ’s death by whipping out his Palm Pilot to find the relevant scripture (Matthew 26:67) and said: “Then they spit in Jesus’ face and hit him with their fists.” …Jen Psaki, an Obama spokeswoman, says the campaign has no plans to return or reject any of Houston’s contributions.” (While the two men in question claim their remarks were “taken out of context,” “Jews had Jesus’ blood on their hands” seems to be pretty straightforward.)
  2. Barack Obama attended a meeting of the National Action Network, where he posed arm in arm with the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton. In 1995, the National Action Network, often led by Sharpton himself, marched around a Jewish-owned store in Harlem while chanting epithets like “white interlopers,” “bloodsucking Jews,” “cracker lovers,” and “Don’t give the Jew a dime.” Members of the group threatened to burn the store; a threat that one individual put into practice, with seven deaths resulting. Al Sharpton’s rhetoric also played a role in promoting the Crown Heights riots, in which a mob screaming “Kill the Jews” murdered Yankel Rosenbaum. Sharpton personally called fellow African-American David Dinkins a “cheap n***er whore turning tricks in City Hall” and referred to Socrates and other Greek philosophers as “Greek homos.” Sharpton’s followers also called a white rape victim (Central Park jogger) a whore while suggesting that her boyfriend did it. See also Tawana Brawley.
  3. Barack Obama’s spiritual guide, Jeremiah Wright, has made racist statements and has indicated hatred of Israel. As reported on the MSNBC Show with Tucker Carlson, “his rhetoric includes attacks against white people and against Israel. …This is quoting now the Reverend Wright: “The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for over 40 years now. Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community and wake up Americans concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.” He compares Israel to South Africa repeatedly. He attacks Israel as a racist state.”
  4. Barack Obama’s friends at knowingly and willfully sponsored anti-Semitic and especially anti-Israel hate speech at their Action Forum.* This includes statements that Jews deserved the Holocaust, the Talmud teaches Jews to hate non-Jews (a blood libel), and that Jews control all the media. This commentary, which received overwhelming approval by the Action Forum participants, was probably encouraged by official bulletins that promote Gush Shalom and Electronic Intifada while raising the “divided loyalties” smear of “Zionists.” Jews were, however, far from the only targets of the hate speech. MoveOn’s Action Forum denounced Catholics as “pedophiles” who are “raping your children,” while MoveOn published a “the Catholics are taking over America” cartoon that depicted Pope Benedict waving a gavel in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Hatred was also directed at evangelical Christians and even at African-Americans, and numerous conspiracy theories accused the U.S. Government of perpetrating 9/11.
  5. Barack Obama’s financial sponsor George Soros has called the United States “a danger to world peace” that needs “de-Nazification,” while blaming Israel for causing anti-Semitism. I don’t know what Soros expects to get for his money if Obama becomes President, but I do not want to risk finding out.
  6. Barack Obama signed a fundraising letter for, whose purpose was to support the reelection of Senator Robert Byrd (KKK-WV). Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klansman and Kleagle, has made numerous racist statements that include calling Black people “race mongrels” and “throwbacks to the blackest specimens of the wild.” Byrd’s own mentor was the notorious segregationist Theodore Bilbo, the subject of “Listen, Mr. Bilbo (Mr. Bigot)” by Peter, Paul and Mary.

* It has been proven that was exercising editorial control over the Action Forum, specifically by censoring commentary with which it did not agree while allowing the hate speech to stand. This makes responsible for the hate speech itself. The FAQ page for the Action Forum adds that the moderators read each item twice, so MoveOn was fully aware of the situation.


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