National Jewish Democratic Council: Gary Baeur “attacks puppies and kittens”

While we have no use whatsoever for the National “Jewish” “Democratic” Council, which routinely directs hate propaganda against Christians and even Jews it doesn’t like, it is now obviously scraping the bottom of the barrel to support its pathetic attacks on Republicans. Steve Rabin posted the following today:

Just How Mean is Conservative Gary Bauer?
He’s attacking puppies and kittens!

As shown below, this will be far from the first time that the National Jewish Democratic Council took something out of context, made something up, or just plain lied to achieve its agenda.

This is what Gary Bauer was actually complaining about:

Do Americans love pets too much?

We’re choosing pets over children.
By Gary Bauer

Page 1 of 2

Washington – Here’s a sad story with a bizarre twist: Last year, a 6-year-old girl was accidentally strangled to death by her family pet, a golden retriever. Such animals are usually euthanized, but in this case, the dog was treated to an all-expenses paid trip to an animal center in California.

There, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “a team of pet advocates saw to the dog’s every need: Behaviorists assessed its personality, a doggie foster family took the animal home at night to ease its feelings of loss, and more than 250 people applied to adopt the dog.”

Why did the parents show so much mercy for the animal that killed their daughter? Apparently, said the center’s public relations manager, they “did not want to lose another one of their children.

…A 2003 survey found that nearly as many Britons (33 percent) agreed that “the English love their dogs more than their children” as vice versa (40 percent). In America, a recently passed law criminalizing the mistreatment of animals enjoyed bipartisan support, while legislation giving women the opportunity to reduce the pain to their child during an abortion failed to become law. A March Fox News poll found 46 percent of respondents think pet poisoning is just as serious or even more serious than poisoning a person.

It is quite obvious that Gary Bauer is not “attacking puppies and kittens;” he is complaining that some people go to excess by valuing puppies and kittens above human beings. Far be it from the National “Jewish” “Democratic” Council to let facts get in the way of smearing Republicans on any pretext, though.

Speaking of which, the NJDC has no problem whatsoever with Barack Obama appearing arm in arm with Al Sharpton, whose followers murdered a Jew in Crown Heights and later burned down a Jewish-owned store in Harlem, killing seven human beings in the process.


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