United Muslims post anti-Semitic video at YouTube

The United Muslims (http://youtube.com/groups_videos?name=UnitedMuslims&page=2) came to our attention through this posting:

Muslims on YouTube have formed several groups where users and videos that criticize Islam (which they define as “Hate Speech”) are listed and mass-flagged as abuse. YouTube seems to remove videos and sometimes even ban users automatically. Muslims claim that they only flag videos that have violated YouTube’s TOS, but this has been been proven false

A group on Youtube called United Muslims put up a hit list of Youtube members they wanted to ban. The thing is, that they can’t handle the truth. Sure, some of the videos go overboard, but so do many anti-Christian, anti-Israel, etc. videos that don’t get banned by agenda. And as far as I’m concerned, shouldn’t get banned. I’ve even seen Holocaust denying videos on Youtube. I’m all for free speech, and as I’ve said before, the nuts (like the YECs) will find that the internet is their worst enemy.

 We reviewed the discussion threads at the United Muslims’ YouTube site, and there is indeed a discussion of ways to get other people’s videos removed, and users banned. In fairness to United Muslims, though, other members caution against flagging videos as “inappropriate” unless they actually violate YouTube’s rules. Here is an example, in which non-Muslims are referred to as “the enemy.”

rnjigga (February 13, 2007)
More about the Enemy
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
Keep it up. Alhamdulillah, several of their accounts have been terminated, due to countless violations of the YouTube Terms of Use. One of their big guys, Grandmasterflange had his account terminated, but has another (grandmasterflange2). Do not be afraid to report violations of YouTube’s policy to YouTube, because it’s the right thing to do. They call moderate Musims “Islamonazis.” As far as I can tell, that’s hate speech. I don’t even want to mention the other profanity they use.
OMM06 (1 month ago) marked as spam
Believe me, they are not real Christians. They aren’t exactly model citizens either….
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
They’re afraid. The user “Kalisto89” has sent a bulletin around to his posse telling they should unite. Well, I’m telling you Muslims who are reading this, that WE HAVE TO UNITE. iT IS HARAAM FOR MUSILMS TO SEPARATE. Here is the bulletin he put out:
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
Dear friends,
Our enemies have marked my account. I hope it will stay, since it will be really hard for me to upload again all of my stuff.

It’s time to unite. Everyone who thinks he is trustable, write me a Private message now. Most of you on my contact list are trustable. I need at least 20-30 people. I’m going to start a new campaign, which will secure the internet victory at YT for our forces, no more losses.

Write me now, before they win us and delete all our profiles. Kalisto.
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
In case you didn’t notice, this is the other guy’s account – not actually mine (rnjigga’s).
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
I still urge you: ONLY flag videos that are in violation of YouTube’s Terms of Use, and Code of Conduct. ONLY. THAT’s IT. NO OTHER VIDEOS ARE TO BE FLAGGED. Just like the Prophet Muhammad (s) commanded us not to harm women and children, or the elderly in a physical batle, and told us not to cut down trees, or damage the land, there ar restrictions Muslims must follow in averything. Step out of line, and it DOES NO GOOD.
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
One of their bulletins:

“Flag the “Muslims United” group till it’s gone

Go to
http://www.youtube.com/groups_videos?name=…uslims&page =2
and click on “Flag as Inappropriate” under the “Join this group” tab.
Togethor we can make them dissapear- It will be hard for them to recreate this group of hate.
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
As long as we stay within Youtube’s Terms of Use, and act as ideal citizens on YouTube, there is no reason for this group to terminated. YouTube only deletes accounts and groups which violate its Terms of Use. So, not that anyone does this, but just refrain from violating the terms of use by posting any violating videos, or anything else that you yourselves wouldn’t want to see if you were YouTube.
BregyptianMuslim (2 months ago) marked as spam
Be careful bro. YouTube are unlikely to delete you if you don’t break their rules.. however tempting it may be do not use hate speech or stray near controversial ground
Wassalam Alaykum
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
Just for the record, I’ve recieved complaints about some body spamming one of their guys’ accounts. Maybe you didn’t think of it rationally, but THAT’S NOT GOING TO HELP. Please annoy no one, post no annoying comments, and get into no arguments. discussions and dialogues – great. Arguments – try to avoid. Muslims should strive to avoid any sort of conflict, so don’t be the one to initiate it. “Surely Allah Loveth not the Transgressors” (2:191).
rnjigga (2 months ago) marked as spam
That’s actually 2:190.
BregyptianMuslim (2 months ago) marked as spam
send that brother a message (private) and talk to him about this..
Ennie (2 months ago) marked as spam
LOL someone reported my background once and it only said i love Nazo (my cuz) oh well.

We reviewed some of the videos at United Muslims’ own site, and here is one from Khalifa987. Relevant screen shots appear below. Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself.

The Israel lobby (AIPAC): A Danger to the world. Part 1

Mike Piper seems to be a piece of work (or something) himself.


 BEST WITNESS by Michael Collins Piper
First soft cover edition with 246 pages published in 2005.

eBook Summary: Among the many works that pertain to Jewish historical truth distorters, this book is unique for the way that it centers on an American court room drama with an intriguing cast of characters and backdrop of events. The defendants included the Institute for Historical Review and Liberty Lobby, both founded by Willis Carto. (Mr. Carto currently oversees The Barnes Review, First Amendment Books, and The American Free Press). On the other side, led by a self-styled professional Jewish Holocaust victim, were major pro-Zionist organizations such as the ADL, the Jewish Defense League, and Jewish-controlled national media. The aggressors played dirty, to include making a heavily biased televised docudrama involving a former Star Trek celebrity. The warehouse and main office of the Institute for Historical Review were destroyed by arson. This evil act was likely the work of Jewish terrorists.

Anyway, this is what the “United Muslims” are posting on YouTube, while talking about how to get their opponents’ accounts cancelled for posting hate speech and so on. We know that militant Muslims (we make a clear distinction between Islamofascists, who invoke Islam as an excuse to behave like fascists, and genuine Muslims) are into stoning people to death, but perhaps they should remember the adage about stones and glass houses…


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