Jewish Funds for Justice and Jspot: New Home for Progressive Jewish Democrats

We never thought we would find ourselves agreeing with Jewschool blogger Mobius, but his On the road to Jewish self-government has an outstanding idea: make Jewish Funds for Justice’s Jspot the chief organizing entity for Jewish Democratic progressives. has lost what the Chinese call the Mandate of Heaven: the legitimacy that a person or organization gains through service to his/its members and followers. Henry Ford described it as follows:

 The producer depends for his prosperity upon serving the people. He may get by for a while serving himself, but, if he does, it will be purely accidental, and when the people wake up to the fact that they are not being served, the end of that producer is in sight.Henry Ford, My Life and Work

When the leader serves himself at the followers’ expense, he loses the Mandate, which may then be picked up by a new leader or another organization. Cindy Sheehan ( backed by Michael Moore) said this: “MoveOn is an autocratic organization run by a small group of elitist wannabe power-brokers; it cannot be reformed, but you can let their politburo know your feelings eli “at”, Namrita.Chaudhary”at” , tom “at”, and you can unsubscribe!” In other words, has lost the progresssive Mandate, which must now settle elsewhere. It may as well settle on Jewish Funds for Justice.

Our like or dislike of these particular messengers (Sheehan and Moore) has no effect on the accuracy of their message: MoveOn’s leaders like Eli Pariser and Namrita Chaudhary are “elitist wannabe power brokers” who are serving themselves at the expense of their followers. They accordingly forfeit the Mandate, which must settle elsewhere. Jewish Funds for Justice ( seems to be where it is settling.

There is no doubt that Jewish (and in fact all decent) progressives need an alternative to, given the latter’s track record of promoting anti-Semitic hate speech , saying that Israel should not exist, publishing official bulletins that seem to support this position, and misrepresenting its members’ opinions about the Iraq war. (Again, whether we agree with their position is irrelevant; the key issue is MoveOn lying about its members’ viewpoints.)

We recommend that progressive Democrats look at this post by Mik Moore.

The plan is simple. Thousands of Jews come together to create a domestic agenda
that represents our interests. We send this agenda to every presidential candidate and request a written response. As candidates reply we publicize their views on our websites, via email, and through the press.
If you want to see a presidential campaign where the candidates address your concerns, you have to tell them what you think.
Interested? Click here to add your vote.

We understand that progressives may feel torn between the need for a “progressive” organization like, and dislike of’s reprehensible promotion of 9/11 denial plus hate speech directed at Jews, Catholics, and others. It looks like they have just found their new home.


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