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The International Solidarity Movement and Rachel Corrie

May 27, 2007

There is in fact substantial evidence that the International Solidarity Movement and/or its Palestinian handlers set up Rachel Corrie to be killed so they could make propaganda.

Tufts University: Here is your Swastika

May 26, 2007

Tufts University Committee on Student Life head compares mockery of affirmative action preferences to”spray painting a swastika on a synagogue.”

Since CSL head (and prominent Democrat) Barbara Grossman saw fit to bring swastikas into the conversation…
>Censorship at Tufts University


Tufts U: “Labeling Islam violent is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form.”

May 25, 2007

Remember, Tufts University’s Committee on Student Life, chaired by prominent Democrat Barbara Grossman (wife of a former DNC chair) declared that “labeling Islam violent is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form.” Please remember this as you watch this excellent video.

Per Tufts University’s Committee on Student Life, this is NOT, repeat NOT, Islamic violence.

Help Derail Obama “Walk for Change”

May 25, 2007

David Ploufe of sent the following response to our e-mails questioning Barack Obama’s association with anti-Semites, racists, and hate organizations.

An army of Obama volunteers are getting ready to Walk for Change on June 9. These folks will go door-to-door, signing up new volunteers, raising money from supporters, and spreading Barack’s message of change in neighborhoods across the country. Local organizers have planned more than 1,000 walks in all 50 states.

If Barack Obama’s association with professionally bigots and hate groups (including the arguably violent National Action Network) is not acceptable to you, here is how to derail his Walk for Change. First, print out the information shown below, and have it ready to hand to the Walk for Change volunteer on Saturday June 9. Then, when the volunteer comes to your door, be polite but firm.


Tufts University CSL: “Labeling Islam violent is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form.”

May 25, 2007

Tufts University Committee on Student Life: “Labeling Islam violent is unacceptable in any way, shape, or form.”


Anti-Second Amendment Sideshow Freak Exhibit

May 24, 2007

Poltrooni Cowardus Pusillanimis

Gutless worm 

This invertibrate species can be identified by its yellow ventral and white dorsal coloration. Despite its similarity to annelids, or worms, it has a single-ended digestive system. Its mouth must double as an anus because it lacks an intestine; that is, it is gutless. It was rarely found in ancient societies, where it would have been exterminated quickly and thus prevented from passing either its genes or its values to future generations.


Tufts University Committee on Student Life:

May 22, 2007

“Labeling Islam violent is unacceptable in any way, shape or form.”
Tufts WTC

We previously reported how a Tufts University Committee on Student Life hearing condemned The Primary Source for “harassment and creating a hostile environment on campus through the publication of “Islam-Arabic Translation: Submission,” a commentary published in its April 11, 2007 edition that imitated the format of the MSA’s advertisement for events during Islamic Awareness Week.” The Primary Source and the Tufts Daily both allege that, during this hearing, Professor Barbara Grossman–a prominent Democratic Party donor–made remarks prejudicial to a fair hearing. She allegedly went so far as to compare the Primary Source’s criticism of affirmative action to “spray-painting a swastika on a synagogue.” Another CSL member stated that labeling Islam violent is unacceptable in any way, shape or form. (more…)

Barack Obama Supports Robert Byrd (KKK-WV)

May 19, 2007

BaracKKK Obama raises money for Robert C. Byrd

The following E-mail was sent by, and was apparently signed by (to use Robert Byrd’s terminology) “race mongrel” and “throwback to the blackest specimen of the wilds” Barack Obama. Its purpose was to raise money to help reelect Robert Byrd, aka Senator Sheets, to the Senate.


Al Sharpton on “Jewing the Numbers”

May 18, 2007

We previously reported how Barack Obama stood arm in arm with the prominent racist and anti-Semite Al Sharpton at a meeting of Sharpton’s hate organization, the National Action Network. We would like to share the “response” we received from the Obama campaign regarding our complaints about his open association with a prominent hatemonger and a hate group that has been directly involved in at least one fatal incident of racist and anti-Semitic violence (the arson of Freddy’s Fashion Mart). (more…)

Barack Obama’s Hateful Connections, Part 4

May 16, 2007

Obama Fundraiser Host Effectively called Jews “Christ-Killers” 

Aesop wrote long ago that birds of a feather flock together. Barack Obama flocks with so many racists and anti-Semites that it is reasonable to conclude that he is one himself. We previously described his connections with:

(1), an anti-Semitic hate group whose members (backed by official bulletins) say Israel has no right to exist. has also published an anti-Catholic hate cartoon that shows Pope Benedict waving a gavel in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.
(2) Al Sharpton, a prominent racist and anti-Semite whose inflammatory rhetoric helped provoke the Crown Heights riots and the arson of Freddy’s Fashion Mart.
(3) Jeremiah Wright. As reported by Atlas Shrugs, “[Wright’s] rhetoric includes attacks against white people and against Israel.”
(4) George Soros, a prominent hater of both Israel and the United States, which he calls a danger to world peace that is in need of “de-Nazification.” We remind Soros that, had genuine Nazis discovered his Jewish identity before the “danger to world peace” defeated them, he would have been gassed and turned into a lamp shade. Obama received tens of thousands of dollars from Soros and his family.
(5) Now Barack Obama has attended a $1000 a plate fundraiser hosted by an individual who has effectively called Jews “Christ-Killers.” (more…)